Gogawi Shutting Down Affiliate Program

Published: Apr 28, 2023

Gogawi, the esports betting operator run by EBET, Inc (formerly “Esports Technologies, Inc.”), has announced that it will be closing its affiliate program.

The news was conveyed to affiliates via an email notice, citing “operational restrictions” as the reason for the program’s discontinuation.

It is unlikely that the announcement will send shockwaves through the gambling industry, as the Gogawi Partners affiliate program wasn’t particularly successful in the market.

The closure of the program means that affiliates will no longer be able to earn commissions, if any, from Gogawi’s esportsbook.

According to the notice, affiliates have been instructed to remove all advertising and promotion of Gogawi with immediate effect, including banners, pop-ups, social media adverts, hyperlinks, and any other marketing efforts. This means that affiliates that were promoting Gogawi will have to scramble to find alternative programs to promote to their audiences.

Gogawi tried to expand rapidly in recent years with launches in the Brazilian and Japanese markets. For many, the decision to close the affiliate program does not come as a surprise.

The move could be seen as yet another cost-cutting measure or a change in direction for the company. EBET has already pivoted once from esports to casino with the laying off the majority of its staff, last summer.

The closure of Gogawi’s affiliate program is another strong signal of EBET’s decreasing focus on esports. While the move may not have a significant impact on the esports gambling industry, it is clear that the company is shifting its strategy and priorities.

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