Hazed Joins NRG

Published: Nov 11, 2021

The Valorant roster shuffles continue, and organisations are using this period of downtime to shore up their weaknesses and prepare their lineups for the next Valorant Champions Tour season. NRG has landed a major upgrade by acquiring James “hazed” Cobb from TSM.

Today we learned that hazed was removed from TSM, but immediately found a new home with NRG. They were one man short ever since they benched Wedid and released him from his contractual obligations. Hazed will now fill that vacant spot and most likely take on the leadship role in the team.

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Hazed’s Time With TSM Runs Out

Before anything was confirmed, there were rumors that hazed would be leaving TSM and potentially joining NRG. The community speculated as to why hazed would be leaving, and we didn’t know the exact reason until hazed himself clarified the situation.

Hazed posted a message on his Twitter, saying the following:

Just wanted to clarify cause ive read that i left TSM. I did not. I was removed. But NRG had shown interest in me in the past and had considered the move for some time. Happy to be here!

Hazed confirmed that he was removed, which at first might suggest he had ill feelings towards his former team. But immediately after, he added how he still loved the guys from TSM. This put TSM fans at ease, knowing that they parted ways on peaceful terms.

The Tweet from TSM also confirms this :

You were with us from the start, through all our ups and downs. You were steadfast, an excellent teammate, and a pleasure to be around. You’ll forever be part of the TSM family, and we wish you nothing but the best in your new path.

Hazed’s time with TSM has come to an end, and he now embarks on a new voyage with NRG. TSM, on the other hand, are left with 3 core members in their lineup, and plenty of potential options.

Who Could Replace Hazed in TSM?

Like we said previously, TSM has 2 open spots in their roster. This means they’ll have plenty of options to work with. Wardell and Subroza are the only two members of the original TSM Valorant roster, and TSM probably won’t dare replacing them. LeviathanAG is also with the team, but his future is still undetermined.

So who will fill the two vacant spots? Well, there’s several options. The first and most obvious one would be 100 Thieves steel. He is one of the best Valorant players, and probably the most sought-after free agent right now. If TSM signed him, they’d be getting an excellent Sentinel player.

If they don’t get steel, they could always go for BabyJ, who has recently left FaZe. Both players lean towards Sentinel agents, but have a different playstyle and approach to the game.

Finally, there’s also the case of sinatraa, who is still without a team. If TSM wanted a more aggressive team composition, they could go for sinatraa. However, there’s a lot of controversy around this ex-Sentinels carry, so organisations tend to be more apprehensive in situations like this.

In any case, TSM has enough time to decide. They shouldn’t rush this decision. Whoever they pick now, will determine how they’ll start the new Valorant Champions Tour season in 2022. Hopefully they’ll make the right calls.

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