HCS Arlington Major Betting Preview: Odds & Predictions

Published: Mar 11, 2024

After an exciting Split of competition, the HCS Arlington Major is another exciting chapter for the Halo Championship Series. Featuring the best Halo teams in the world, we’ve gathered everything you need to know in our very own HCS Arlington Major betting preview!

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HCS Arlington Major: Outright Odds

Kicking our Halo betting preview off, we’ll be listed the outright odds for this upcoming event. Simply put, the lower the number, the more likely these teams are to win the events according to esports bookmakers.

Using outright odds as provided by GG.Bet, we’ve listed the top teams most likely to win at the time of writing below. Feel free to learn more about GG.Bet, an esports betting platform, in our GG.Bet review. 

TeamOutright GG.Bet Odds
FaZe Clan+150
Spacestation Gaming+200
OpTic +250
Shopify Rebellion+2000
Complexity Gaming+2500
Any Open Bracket Qualifier+5000
Ascending Baseline+8000

Format and Schedule

Uniting the international Halo community, the HCS Arlington Major takes place at the Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas, USA, with $250,000 on the line.

With $250,000 on the line, there are also six seeds for the London Major for the top teams together with Halo Championship Series Points.

Notably, these points are essential for teams to qualify for the Halo World Championship later this year as one of the best Halo tournaments.

With regards to the format, here are the three stages of this event:

  • Open Bracket – open signups of 64 teams max, only the four best teams will join the teams already seeded for Pool Play
    • Top 2 from the Upper Bracket
    • Top 2 from the Lower Bracket
  • Pool Play – four groups of four teams, playing through a round robin. After all the BO5 matches are through, teams progress to Championship Bracket accordingly:
    • 1-2nd each group – Upper Bracket R1
    • 3rd each group – Lower Bracket R1
  • Championship Bracket – final 12 teams compete through a double elimination bracket, with a Grand Final which will be BO7 and a possible Bracket Reset

Starting things off, here’s the current seeding for the Pool Play, split into four groups:

  • A: FaZe Clan, Ascending Baseline, Quadrant, TBD
  • B: Spacestation Gaming, Foe, Business, TBD
  • C: Sentinels, Shopify Rebellion, Proton Gaming, TBD
  • D: Complexity Gaming, OpTic Gaming, BitterSweet, TBD

In this particular betting preview, we’ll be taking at each group and highlighting which teams are favoured to move on from Pool Play to the Championship Bracket.

To do so, we’ll be using betting odds as provided by GG.Bet – feel free to learn more about this particular esports betting site in our GG.Bet review.

HCS Arlington Major: Betting Preview

HCS Arlington Major Betting Preview
Image Credits: 343 Industries

Group A

  1. FaZe Clan (+150) 
  2. Quadrant (+2200)
  3. Ascending Baseline (+8000)

After a dominant season in 2023, FaZe Clan walked away as the winners of the Halo World Championship 2023. Following a rebuilt roster in January 2023, this team has been one of the top teams in competitive Halo.

So far this season, they’ve won the HCS Split 1 NA Open Series 2 and are favoured in this group to come out on top.

Meanwhile, Quadrant have a new roster for 2024 as they try to maintain their status as one of the top European teams in competitive Halo. Most recently winning Europa Halo Blackpool, they are the second favourite here.

On the other hand, Ascending Baseline is a relatively unknown team who will be trying to hold on to third place in this group.

Group B

  1. Spacestation Gaming (+200) 
  2. Business (+2800)
  3. Foe (+6600)

In perhaps one of the most clear-cur groups, Spacestation Gaming is massively favoured in Group B considering their competition. With a new signing of Kaci “Lqgend” Sabri, they’ve recently won the HCS 2024 Split 1 NA Open Series 1 and look great ahead of HCS Arlington Major.

Moreover, Spacestation is an esports betting favourite.

On the other hand, the other teams in this group – Business and Foe, are equally inexperienced and will be fighting amongst themselves and the open-bracket team to sort out the remaining seeds in this one-sided Group.

Group C

  1. Sentinels (+1800) 
  2. Shopify Rebellion (+2000)
  3. Proton Gaming (+3300)

Out of all the Groups at this tournament, Group C is certainly the most competitive of the lot.

While Sentinels are at the helm of this group, they haven’t impressed massively in their performances at the HCS NA Open Series qualifiers at this tournament (4th & 7-8th). Bearing this in mind, Shopify Rebellion is closely matched and will be vywing for the top spot in Group C.

With their new roster, Shopify Rebellion could upset Sentinels here according to the Halo odds.

At the tail end, Proton Gaming could make things interested but they are the least favoured here.

Group D

  1. OpTic Gaming (+250) 
  2. Complexity Gaming (+2500)
  3. BitterSweet (+4000)

Group D has the hometown heroes of OpTic Gaming defending their reputation. Placing in the top 3 in the past two qualifiers, OpTic are one of the strongest Halo teams heading into this event.

On the other hand, Complexity is still trying to find its footing with a new roster which is yet to prove itself.

Meanwhile, BitterSweet is a hopeful team unlikely to leave an impact on this group.

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