Hearthstone: Fractured In Alterac Valley Cards To AVOID CRAFTING

Published: Dec 2, 2021

The meta in Hearthstone has been stale for quite a while, and even with the release of the Deadmines mini-set, not much has changed. Hearthstone top decks that have been good a few months back are reigning supreme on the ladder, and we can only hope that the Fractured In Alterac Valley is going to spice things up.

While we cannot necessarily know how the meta is going to shape, we can’t tell which cards are going to be the best to craft in the expansion. However, we do know which cards are going to be the absolute worst, the ones you never want to craft, and the ones you can safely dust if you, unfortunately, open them in your packs.

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Considering the archetype that the Shaman is running now, we honestly do not see how this 6-mana card that lets you discover an 8-cost minion that gets summoned only to be frozen will find its place in the meta. The only value we could think of is if you manage to discover a taunt minion that can help you stay alive for a bit longer, but as a Shaman, there are better options that allow you to do this safely.


Spider Tank with an upside is a bad card, what? Hear us out. While it is indeed better than Spider Tank, a card that was once considered amazing due to its 3/4 stat line, the power creep since those times is just too strong. In theory, casting Nourish to gain 2 mana and then Pathmaker to draw 3 sounds amazing, but in reality, it just seems too slow as it will often end up as a dead card in your hand.

Dreadprison Glaive

On paper, this card seems like it gives the Demon Hunter such an incredible aggro tool as you can easily clear the board from small minions and do damage to the enemy hero as well. However, when you take into consideration the other options that the Demon Hunter has, and has been using for quite some time now, such as the Il’gynoth one-turn kill combo, we doubt that will change in the Year of the Gryphon.

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The Lobotomizer

The previous two cards were rare and common in quality, so you might not care that much about dusting or drawing them in your packs, but The Lobotomizer is somehow an epic quality card, and it’s absolutely horrible. If you would be getting a random card from, or at least a random card from your opponent’s class, things would be fine.

However, getting the top card of your opponent’s deck is just extremely bad. Why? Because in most cases, the card that they are having in their deck is there for a specific reason. Not only you will not be able to have any synergy with it, but there are already so many better options to use instead of The Lobotomizer, to begin with. Absolutely horrible card, dust it.

Humongous Owl

There have been some cards we considered bad that ended up being a part of Hearthstone esports in quite a lot of decks. However, the Humongous Owl, a 7-mana 8/4 that deals 8 damage to a random enemy when it dies, is certainly not going to be one of them.

On paper, this card can be quite efficient in a Hunter deck that happens to be able to utilize the synergy with this card through its beast tribe and the deathrattle effect. But since it is a 7-mana card and Hunter is the go-to class if you just want to finish the game fast, we don’t see it being used. Unless it is in a meme deck, this will probably end up being a “Deathrattle: Deal 8 damage to a 1/1 token”.

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Wing Commander Ichman

When we saw this card, we were not sure if someone accidentally typed 9 instead of 6, because, for a 9-mana card, this has the potential to not only be the worst card in the new expansion but one of the worst cards of all time. What were they thinking?

Not only that 5/4 are horrible stats for a 9-mana card, but the effect is just laughably bad as well. If you happen to be into esports betting, and you see someone run this card in their deck, just bet against them, because the only place Wing Commander Ichman is flying them to is their demise.

Dishonorable Mentions

While the ones we discussed in more detail are probably the worst cards in the expansion, here are some dishonorable mentions that you might want to end up dusting as well:

Hopefully, the new expansion is going to spice up the meta once it goes live on the 7th of December by slowing the game down and giving control decks a bit more freedom to be played both on the ladder as Hearthstone top decks and in the Hearthstone esports scene.

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