Heroic And Cavea Agree Data Partnership

Published: Dec 16, 2021

Heroic, the Danish esports organisation, has announced that it is to enter into a partnership with AI-drive audience analytics company Cavea.

The deal will see Cavea allow Heroic to use their famous AI-based platform to allow the company to analyse their various social media platforms. The aim of doing so being Heroic will then be able to provide their partners with quicker, more accurate and more relevant information and data than previously.

The move comes just six weeks after Heroic also announced a partnership deal with a Norwegian biotech company Aker BioMarine. The move is seen as an important one for the esports organisation, especially as their CSGO team has now become a member team of the new-look ESL Pro League.

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“Data Driven Approach”

Speaking about the latest deal, the CCO of Heroic, Isikcan Aysev, stated that:

Our ambition at Heroic is to become [a] leading, global esports brand with strong performance, marketing, and commercial capabilities.

Working with Cavea will enable Heroic to create more value for our fans and partners by allowing us to take a data-driven approach to our partnerships.

Cavea already have very strong links to the Esports industry having already struck partnership agreements with esports organisations Astralis, Talon, Fnatic and DreamHack.

Additionally, Cavea teamed up with other esports organisations such as BLAST, Tricked Esports and Astralis to become part of a commercial network of esports specialists within Denmark.

Their aim is to use their combined expertise to highlight the opportunities that are available in the fast-growing esports sectors, including esports gaming, streaming, content creating, organisation and of course esports betting.

Heroic Aiming For Growth Across The Globe

Alongside becoming a franchise in the ESL Pro League, this new partnership with Cavea is part of an overarching strategy for Heroic to become a more established name all over the world, outside of their traditional grounds of Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe.

To facilitate this, the Heroic brand was acquired by Omaken Sports back in February and the aim is to use that platform to help drive growth both in its current markets, but also across the wider world.

This move to sign up with Cavea is a clear indication that the company wants to maximise its potential within the commercial part of the business. The data provided by Cavea’s AI-driven platform, which was designed specifically for the esports industry, will allow them to gain greater clarity over their data with the aim of bringing in more partners and furthering the brand name into new markets.

Heroic’s owners will be glad of the positive news from the deal with Cavea after a day in which their CSGO team were eliminated from the BLAST Premier World Final 2021 tournament after losing their opening game 2-0 to Gambit Esports, and then followed that with a loss in Round 1 of the losers bracket, going down 2-0 to Natus Vincere.

Their defeat was something of a surprise given that the team won the ESL Pro League Season 13 event earlier in the year, taking home the $200,000 top prize.

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