How to Prepare for the New Hearthstone Expansion

Published: Mar 28, 2022

With the new expansion just around the corner, as well as a new set rotation, it is essential to prepare yourself and your decks as best as possible to climb the ladder and play those tournaments that could get you qualified into the competitive spotlight of casted games. We will give tips only for those interested in playing Standard, and even if there might be some wild players out there, you probably got yourself covered for the next rotation anyway.

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Which sets are going out?

If you still want to grind some ranks out to squeeze out the best rewards possible in March as well as hit that high rank in April before the rotation officially happens along with that new Hearthstone Expansion, we suggest doing it with the cards that you currently have from the rotating sets, and not to craft any of them (unless they are uncommon cards for 40 dust).

The rotating sets are Ashes of Outland, Scholomance Academy, and Madness at the Darkmoon Faire. While most of these sets have been seriously power-crept with the last few expansions that introduced the hero trilogy idea(legendary card, quest, and hero card for each class), there are still some iconic cards that are defining current classes. The Demon Hunter class is probably losing the most shenanigans since, as you probably know if you are into esports betting, the competitive deck they have been using in the past two years was the OTK lifesteal deck and the OTK weapon deck that uses most cards from Ashes of Outland and Scholomance Academy.

So, once the expansion gets released and the mentioned sets rotate into wild, feel free to dust most of the cards that you do not plan on using in Tavern Brawls or Duels in the near future. You should get a huge chunk of dust if you were an active player and if you do not care about any other mode but Standard.

On the other hand, if you are missing some newer cards to play your favorite class and climb the ladder until the rotation happens, feel free to dust unnecessary cards that are going to wild immediately and craft the newer cards, as they will be sticking around for another year anyway.

Which cards should you craft?

As you know, we always like to update our Hearthstone top decks with the release of new expansions, so that is the best place to keep yourself updated on the new hot decks. Once the new expansion kicks off, we suggest waiting about two weeks before you spend your dust onto something that has low chances of being nerfed (as nerfed cards give you a full refund). Just be patient and wait for the meta to settle, and then craft the best stuff only.

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Tricks to getting the most value in your new expansion

If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your time, gold, and dust as the new expansion comes out, here are a few tricks that experienced players have been using in order to keep the game as free-to-play as they possibly can.

Extra dust disenchanting trick

When it comes to this trick, it is something that you can do all the time, and not just with the release of a new expansion. Since Blizzard has become more frequent with balancing overpowered cards, the odds of certain cards being eligible for a full refund are much higher than before. The refund covers ALL copies of the card you own, so if you don’t really need the dust, we suggest NEVER hitting the mass disenchant button.

Let us give you an example of why. If you own ten copies of a rare card that just got nerfed, you can snatch 1000 dust. If you had pressed the mass disenchant button before, the game would disenchant until you only had two copies of a card in normal and golden form (1 for legendaries).

Save achievements for the future Rewards Track

As you might know, there are certain achievements that will give XP to the Rewards Track once you click on them. While you can do that now and maybe get some extra gold on the current tracker, we suggest stacking up on achievements and then claiming them with the new expansion, as it will help you reach the free cards it provides much faster (which will save you from crafting them if you are competitive).

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