How to Watch PGL Major Antwerp

Posted on May 12, 2022 - Last Updated on May 15, 2022

From the 9th to the 22nd of May, CSGO fans will be able to watch the PGL Major Antwerp event live. It’s one of the most important events in the CSGO esports calendar, pitting 24 of the world’s best CSGO teams against one another. There’s a $1 million prize pool up for grabs, with the winner walking away with a massive $500k share. Not only that, but the winner also earns entry to the prestigious BLAST Premier World Final. Today, we’re here to learn how to watch PGL Major Antwerp and soak in the action.

If you’re interested in CS:GO betting, you’ll want to be watching this event live. It’s a prolific event that will be covered by every esports betting site out there – if you hesitate, it’ll be over before you know it.

How to Watch PGL Major Antwerp Live


For CS:GO fans, there’s nothing quite like a Major tournament. These are the proving grounds – the stage of the battle for the world’s greatest CSGO teams as they go head-to-head in displays of dominance and skill. There’s a huge amount on the line for the PGL Major Antwerp contenders, including one million dollars in prize money. If you’re going to bet on CSGO during the tournament, you’ll want to know how to watch PGL Major Antwerp live.

With these CSGO tournaments, you’ll find it almost impossible to place in-play bets without watching the game itself. Therefore, we’re here today to bring you all the sources you’ll need to catch the PGL Major Antwerp event.

PGL Major Antwerp Streams

English: Twitch, YouTube

Russian: Twitch

PTBR: Twitch

Spanish: Twitch

Polish: Twitch

German: Twitch

French: Twitch

As almost every esports tournament in the world is hosted on Twitch and YouTube, they tend to be free to consume. It’s a case of simply logging on, selecting your stream of choice, and enjoying the gameplay. In some cases, typically on Twitch, viewers can earn CSGO goodies simply for tuning in and watching the tournaments.

If you’re playing with some of the hottest CSGO betting odds out there, watching live will increase your chances of success.

Who Will Win PGL Major Antwerp?

Now that you know how to watch PGL Major Antwerp 2022, it’s time to look to the betting side of things.

We wrote up a full guide to PGL Major Antwerp betting that you’ll find useful. In summary, it’s FaZe Clan that boasts the best odds going into the tournament, followed closely behind by the likes of Natus Vincere and Cloud9. At the opposite end of the table sits IHC Esports, Renegades, and 9z. However, if you’re a fan of backing the underdog, feel free to throw a wager in favour of one of these bottom-tier teams.

For instance, if IHC won the entire tournament and you placed a $10 bet, you’ll turn around and produce a win of $1000. Check out our PGL Major Antwerp betting guide for the full breakdown of odds and markets.

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