How to watch the LCS 2024 Spring Live

Published: Jan 17, 2024

The 2024 season of LCS is underway, and if you are wondering how you will be able to watch it, you are at the right place! This guide will give you a brief explanation of how to watch the LCS live, as well as provide a quick overview of the event.

LCS is one of the world’s most popular League of Legends tournaments, and it has a huge fan base that follows almost every game. Considering the tournament’s fame, it shouldn’t be surprising to read that LCS betting has become a niche devotion among enthusiasts.

The LCS power rankings gave us some information before the league went underway, and now you can make your own guesses and evaluate each team’s performance. Don’t forget to check the guide out so that you understand the structure!

Watching LCS 2024 Spring Live

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Image Credits: Riot Games

You don’t have to pay a single dime to watch the LCS 2024 Spring live; it is free to watch on Twitch and YouTube. Every season, Riot Games gets together a broadcasting team on top of having in-person interviews and a live stage.

Apart from watching the action on Twitch and YouTube, you could also visit the venue and witness the action in person. However, hundreds of thousands of people choose to watch online via the two platforms.

Twitch is a live streaming platform where you can catch the action, and it offers to get clips of the past one minute of action. You could use this feature to catch a sequence you missed in the last minute of the action or store a sick or funny play you have seen.

YouTube offers a different layout, and you can turn back to any minute and turn back to live with one click. Choose whichever sounds better to you.

LCS 2024 Spring: Quick Guide

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Image Credits: Riot Games

Unlike LEC, the LCS started with a Spring Split. The teams face each other for eight weeks, and each week will consist of two matches for every ten teams in the league.

The last regular season game will be played until March 31, 2024, and the playoffs will start after that date. The regular season matches are best-of-one and will be conducted as double round robin. The top six teams of the regular season will move on to the playoffs.

The playoffs will take place in April. The top six teams will compete against each other, with four teams starting from the winners’ bracket, while the fifth and sixth-placed teams will start from the losers’ bracket.

Playoffs will be played in a double elimination bracket format, and all the matches will be best of five. The split winner will directly qualify for MSI 2024, and the second team will represent the region at the MSI 2024 Play-ins.

The first team will hit the jackpot and take home the prize of $100k, but which team will be the champion? Here are all the teams competing in the LCS 2024 Spring Season:

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