How Will Hearthstone Esports Look Like in 2022

Posted on December 28, 2021

We can all agree that 2021 was a great year for Hearthstone’s competitive scene, but we can also say that there could have been some improvements in the system. Well, lucky for us, Blizzard has heard our feedback and they decided to spice up the 2022 Hearthstone esports season with all kinds of changes.

Hearthstone Standard Changes

One of the most attractive things to all players when any kind of competition is discussed is the prize pool, and when It comes to the 2022 circuit, the prize pool has been slightly bumped up. While the pool was already big enough to get a lot of attention, we believe things will get even more competitive, especially as the smaller tournaments got slightly bigger prize pools as well.

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2022 Total Prizing

  • Masters Tours (6 Master Tours) – $1,500,000
  • Grandmaster Season 1 – $250,000
  • GM Season 2 – Last Call – $150,000
  • Masters Season 1 Championship – $50,000
  • Masters Season 2 Championship – $50,000
  • 2022 World Championship – $500,000

How To Get Into The World Championship In 2022?

Everyone knows that the esports betting scene is all about the tournaments with big prize pools and big names, and the World Championship tournament in 2022 is definitely going to be the biggest one with its half-mill prize pool. But for those seeking the thrill of competition, how can one participate in this event?

The number of spots for the upcoming WC doubled from 8 spots to 16 spots. That also means that the number of ways one can get to the event themselves also increased in the following ways:

  • Season Championships – 8 players
  • China Gold Series – 4 players
  • Grandmasters Season 1 – 3 players
  • Grandmasters: Last call – 1 player
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How to qualify for Master Tours?

Getting to the World Championship is quite a challenge, but do not worry, there are smaller tournaments where you can start off your season with your Hearthstone top decks next year. The biggest change definitely comes from the ladder finishes, as it has been increased by quite a big amount. Here are the following updates to qualify for a Masters Tour:

  • Grandmaster Invites – 48 players
  • Ladder Finishes – 150 players (Top 50 legend players per region)
  • Master Tour Qualifier Winners – 60 players
  • Master Tour Qualifier Winrate Invites – 50 players (that have a top 50-win rate over 10 qualifiers without winning)
  • Masters Tour Undercity – Top 32 Finishers
  • China Gold Series – 40 players
  • Third-Party Events – 20 players

Grandmasters System

The introduction of the Grandmaster circuit is definitely one of the most exciting ways to spice up the competitive scene in hearthstone, and since it has been up and running, we could watch weekly duels between the best players in each region. This year, the system is more or less the same in season 1, but since Season 2 is a “Last Call” this year, it is a bit different.

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Last Call will feature top 4 Season 1 players from each region, and it will also feature Top 4 earners in the Master Tour points. The name “Last Call” is not in vain as only one person will be able to qualify for the World Championship 2022 from this event, which will certainly increase the tension during this tournament.

Battlegrounds Competitive!

There are a lot of people who love standard Hearthstone, but there are also a lot of people who love playing the Battlegrounds auto battler mode. With the introduction of the amazing $500,000 prize pool spread across various events, this mode is bound to get more attraction next year. Finishing on top of the ladder is the way to qualify for these tournaments.

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