Huawei adds esports support to their AI assistant

Posted on March 17, 2021 - Last Updated on January 20, 2023

Huawei has just announced that their AI assistant, Huawei Assistant, has become the first to integrate esports updates. Their virtual assistant will be updated with an esports “card” it will provide users with up to the minute scores, results and news from major gaming events, leagues and tournaments all over the world.

The new esports update

They have partnered up with the live score app developer SofaScore. By partnering with SofaScore, they have added their new Esports discipline into the Assistant. SofaScore is already listed on the Huawei equivalent of the App Store, the App Gallery and it gives users real-time data from various sporting events, leagues, and championships that are live from all over the world. This sort of data would be really useful for anyone interested in esports betting or simply keeping tabs on their favourite teams and tournaments in the esports world. As of writing, the new update for the Huawei Assistant will provide information on DOTA 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends.

Comments from the companies

Huawei Consumer BG VP and Huawei CEE, Derek Yu commented about the addition of the esports updates:

“Interest in Esports is booming and has now even accelerated in part thanks to many people spending more time at home. Players, enthusiasts, and occasional viewers are increasingly expecting being able to easily follow and watch Esports on their mobiles, particularly younger generations, many of whom are located in the Nordic countries and in Eastern and Central Europe. By coming to this exclusive partnership with SofaScore, we are bringing the exciting world of Esports to Huawei smartphone users. They can now easily keep up with the latest action, scores, and fixtures, through the virtual Assistant and in real time.”

SofaScore COO Ivan Bešlić also added:

“SofaScore is all about providing the best user experience in following and enjoying sports. We go to great lengths to not only listen to our users but also to give them that extra mile. Our partnership with Huawei is a true testament to that philosophy. We’ve ventured into esports by providing the best possible experience for our current and new users. The results we’ve seen so far proves we are going in the right direction.”

The growth of esports

Esports events, especially esports tournaments are coming back in full force now that the world is seeing the light at the end of the pandemic. Regions like Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East are growing like never before. In Europe alone, esports enthusiasts are expected to rise to 113 million individuals by 2023, with global revenues estimated to reach $1.1 billion and a global audience of 495 million viewers in the next three years.

Regions like Asia and North America already have established industries that span back over a decade. It is great to see that many other areas are jumping on the trend and producing some of the top teams in the world. Now that Huawei is focusing on Europe, the region will have the support of one of the biggest technology companies in the world behind them.

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