HUDstats And SIS Agree Terms On Multi-Year Partnership

Published: Jul 14, 2022

One of the biggest names in betting service provision, Sports Information Services (SIS), has agreed a multiple-year partnership with Esports data analytics firm HUDstats.

The partnership will allow HUDstats to apply their technology to SIS’s virtual football and virtual basketball streams, allowing them to distribute the date, analyse it and then create additional real-time esports betting products.

Image Credits | HUDstats/SIS

Expansion Of Virtual Sports Betting Markets

By analysing the games in greater detail, HUDstats software will keep track of 20 different in-game events in Virtual Football and 40 in-game events in Virtual Basketball.

By analysing and recording these metrics, HUDstats will be able to then provide SIS with the data it requires to offer additional esports odds on new markets for its Virtual Football and Basketball events.

HUDsports technology allows it to generate over 1,000 data points for every minute of game time on an esports stream or game server and it can collect data from multiple streams at the same time, allowing for a broad range of hitherto unavailable betting markets for esports enthusiasts.

With SIS supplying a number of different betting platforms with different Virtual Football and Basketball matches, based on streaks of NBA 2K for Basketball and the latest incarnation of FIFA for soccer, it is expected that these titles will form the basis for this new development.

CEO of HUDstats Andrei Balanescu explained:

“HUDstats showcases all the noteworthy aspects of the match and even more in-depth features, such as what side a corner is taken from or if a free-kick is from a dangerous position. That’s a feature otherwise impossible to obtain in real-time by manual input.”

To ensure that fair and safe betting practices on the games are followed, all matches on both platforms will be overseen by a referee who ensures that the games are contested fairly and properly.

Second Big Partnership Deal For HUDstats

This new partnership with SIS is the second big partnership deal that HUDstats has managed to tie up in the year so far.

Just back in June, the company agreed another deal with DreamHack Sports Games, the sports simulation offshoot of the esports tournament organization company DreamHack.

The second deal is a coup for the company which also provides tracking and data analysis on a wide range of other esports titles including the ‘big three’ Dota 2, CSGO and League of Legends, as well as other famous EA Sporting titles, such as the American Football-based Madden series of games and EA Sports NHL franchise.

“Engaging On-Screen Graphics”

Speaking about the partnership, the CEO of HUDstats, Balanescu continued:

“We’re looking forward to working with SIS and providing esports fans and esports betting aficionados with engaging and fascinating data and statistics for their favourite streams.”

“Our technology stack allows us to provide a great number of accurate match data points in real-time, at sub-second speed. Our partners, SIS, can use them to create engaging on-screen graphics and betting commentary that increase performance for their customers.”

This agreement will allow SIS to greatly increase its capacity for new and rarer esports betting markets on a wide variety of titles, all of which are hugely popular with esports fans, players, bettors and streamers alike.

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