IEM Dallas 2022 Predictions & Analysis – Playoffs

Posted on June 2, 2022 - Last Updated on June 3, 2022

In this piece, we will provide you with our predictions that are based on the analysis of information that is available online. If you’re looking to make some money off of the IEM Dallas playoffs, predictions can help you out immensely. By doing your research and looking at our predictions, you can get a good idea of which teams are favored to win and which ones are underdogs. This information can be invaluable when placing your bets, as it gives you a much better chance of winning.

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IEM Dallas Odds Playoffs
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Predictions: FURIA to win | Total Maps Played – Over 2.5

Odds: 2.40 | 1.90

Betting Site: Odds provided by Thunderpick

When: June 3, 2022 – 20:00 CEST

In the first quarterfinal bout, G2 will have to deal with the Brazilian CSGO roster, FURIA. In their recent matches, G2 looked good. In their opener, they had no problems against Movistar Riders, and this was to be expected.

However, their first slip-up came against ENCE where they did not look bad at all. Given the fact that both maps took all 30 rounds tells you how close this match was. From our point of view, it could have easily gone the other way around. After that, G2 did not lose momentum as they defeated both Vitality and Astralis.

After watching the tape, we are under the impression that FURIA is playing excellent Counter-Strike right now. After disposing of Imperial in their opener, FURIA completely demolished Cloud9 on Vertigo and Mirage. They were one step closer to booking their spot in the semifinals, but BIG proved to be a hard nut to crack.

Let’s talk about the map pool for this one. G2 does not play Overpass while FURIA will for sure permaban Dust 2 in this one. This will leave FURIA with quite a deep map pool. We believe that the Brazilians will have the biggest chance of winning their pick on either Vertigo or Mirage. G2, however, should definitely go for Inferno as they won this map eight times in a row.

With all of that being said, let us conclude this pick by offering two potential bets. When it comes to match-winner, we are siding with FURIA in this one. They will for sure get a comfortable pick for themselves, and needless to say, they can manage around Inferno as well(but it is highly unlikely that they will win it). To make things even better for FURIA, they will have another solid map for a decider(either Ancient or Nuke).

Lastly, by far the safest bet is to go for the total maps played option. The fact is, both teams will get a comfortable pick for themselves and they should win it easily. As mentioned above, FURIA is unlikely to win Inferno while G2 did not show much on Mirage and Vertigo recently.

IEM Dallas predictions playoffs

FaZe Clan vs Cloud9

Prediction: FaZe Clan to win

CSGO Odds: 1.38

Betting Site: Odds provided by Thunderpick

When: June 3, 2022 – 23:30 CEST

The second quarterfinal bout at IEM Dallas 2022 will see a clash of two contenders. Sadly, one of these two teams will pack their bags before the final. FaZe Clan once again looked like they will breeze past everyone.

After a dominant display against Encore and Vitality, FaZe Clan did not show much against ENCE. Even though they snatched a victory on Mirage, karrigan and his squad fell short on Ancient and Nuke. To be honest, they never looked like they were going to win either of these two maps.

The former Gambit roster had a solid start to IEM Dallas 2022. In their opener, they disposed of Team Liquid with ease. But then, along came FURIA, and they stomped Cloud9, leaving them without a fighting chance on Mirage and Vertigo.

Some would say that Cloud9 was rattled after such a defeat, but they bounced back in style. NIP and once again, Team Liquid, did not stand a chance. The best part about their current form is that they did not give up playing Vertigo after FURIA defeat and they won it against both of these teams.

Map veto is favoring one team really hard and here is why. Current Cloud9 form is mostly based on playing Vertigo as their go-to pick. This time around, they will not be able to pick it since FaZe Clan permabans this map all the time. FaZe Clan will also be without their favorite pick, that being Nuke.

From our point of view, FaZe Clan has a deeper map pool and they will probably opt-in to compete on Inferno for their map pick. Sh1ro and his crew will have to think about their map pick. Since we know that they are not getting Vertigo in this one, the choice will fall on either Ancient or Overpass.

The fact is, whatever Cloud9 decides to pick, FaZe Clan will be able to contest them on this map. We have also seen them struggle a lot on Inferno lately, and this is something karrigan must have spotted. To be honest, we do not see a way for Cloud9 to win this match, especially because they are so reliant on Vertigo pick.

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