Intema Solutions Officially Rebrands to React Gaming Group

Published: Apr 14, 2022 - Last Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Following the successful and recent acquisition of, Intema Solutions has rebranded to React Gaming Group. This news has emerged following a desire for the organisation to better identify itself within the realms of esports and iGaming. The firm, which is Canadian-based, has completed an overhaul of its brand, which aside from the new name also includes a refreshed website and amendments to its listings on exchanges.

In recent months, Intema Solutions, now React Gaming Group, has worked tirelessly to expand its overall presence. Currently, React Gaming Group boasts the onwership of popular esports betting platform,, the social platform,, and two esports teams.

Rebranded, Refreshed, React

Intema Solutions acquired in January of 2022

In a statement issued by the president of React Gaming Group, Laurent Benezra, the idea behind the rebrand was explained:

With the completion of our game-changing acquisition, it was time for us to re-brand our name to better reflect our activities in the esports and igaming sector. The addition of has increased our revenues considerably, and we are convinced that we can expand our leading online gaming and betting platform activities into promising new markets.

When it comes to esports betting, is a popular and advanced platform that boasts many advantages. It’s a one-stop-shop for all esports tournaments both minor and major, and as a platform, it’s welcoming to both new and veteran esports bettors. While the acquisition was the most notable move in the history of React Gaming’s growth, this rebrand will likely aid the organisation in expanding further.

According to Benezra, there’s an eager marketing push coming out from within React Gaming in the coming weeks. There’s a strong desire to grow the user base of at a dramatic pace, with estimations currently placing the stock of users at around the 500,000 mark. With the re-brand completed, React Gaming Group now seeks to expand and monetise the products and platforms within its portfolio.

Foothold in the Industry

With the re-brand now sitting in full effect, React Gaming Group looks and feels like a true player in the space. Thanks to the acquisition, React Gaming is now poised to become an end-to-end solution for iGaming and esports, covering multiple areas of both industries.

Not only does React Gaming boast the ownership of a top-tier betting platform but it also owns a subsidiary known as Generationz Gaming Entertainment. This firm empowers partners and enables them to construct their own iGaming businesses from the ground up. Now, React Gaming covers social, competitive, consulting, betting, and content creation angles within these markets.

What could be next for React Gaming Group?

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