The International 2017 Main Qualifiers Are Currently In Progress

Posted on June 28, 2017

It’s been a busy week for teams hoping to qualify for The International 2017 — Dota 2’s most prestigious tournament of the year. Last weekend boasted six Open Qualifier competitions, two apiece in North America, South America, Europe, CIS, China, and Southeast Asia. From those events, 12 teams have earned the right to move on to the next stage of qualifying.

  • OverPower (North America)
  • Guess (North America)
  • Colombia DotA (South America)
  • Union Gaming (South America)
  • Cool Beans (Europe)
  • Planet Dog (Europe)
  • M19 (CIS)
  • Double Dimension (CIS)
  • Execration (Southeast Asia)
  • Moogle (Southeast Asia)
  • EHome.Keen (China)
  • TBD finalist from China

These teams join a number of others that have already made it to the Main Qualifiers. The fields for the six main geographic qualifiers are outlined below:

  • North America – compLexity Gaming, Digital Chaos, Team NP, Planet Odd, Team Freedom, Team RED, Wheel Whreck While Whistling, Overpower, Guess, Starboyz
  • South America – Elite Wolves, Infamous, SG e-sports, Midas Club Elite, Team Unknown, STARS, Anthrax, Colomba DotA, Union Gaming BO + 1 more qualifier
  • Europe – Crescendo, Danish Bears, mousesports, PENTA Sports, 4 protect five, Team Secret, Team Singularity, Cool Beans, Planet Dog, Alliance
  • CIS – Comanche, Cyber Anji, Natus Vincere, Gambit Esports, Effect, Team Empire, Team Spirit, Vega Squadron, M19, Double Dimension
  • Southeast Asia – Clutch Gamers, Team Faceless, Fnatic, HappyFeet, Mineski.GGNetwork, TNC Pro Team, Geek Fam, Execration, Moogle, Skatemasters
  • China – CDEC  Gaming, EHOME, iG Vitality, LGD Gaming, LGD Forever Young, Team VGJ, Vici Gaming, EHOME.Keen, FTD club A + 1 more qualifier

Main Qualifier structures

Each Main Qualifier tournament will ultimately yield two places in The International 2017. There are slightly different qualification processes for teams in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America than for those teams in the CIS and South America.

China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America

These groups kick off with all teams playing each other in a single group. Each match is a single game and will decide the final positions in the group.

The team that finishes in first position qualifies for The International 2017. The teams that finish second, third, fourth, and fifth will head into Phase Two of the qualifier. The other teams are eliminated from the event.

Phase Two is a double elimination bracket (meaning there are winner and loser brackets) for the four teams. The victorious team in the semifinal and the Winner Final will reach the Grand Final. The two losing semifinal teams, plus the losing Winner Final team, will battle it out in the loser bracket to claim the other Grand Final place. The winner of the Grand Final then qualifies for The International 2017 as well.

Phase Two matches are all best-of-three, but the Grand Final is a best-of-five match.

CIS and South America

The format for the CIS and South American Main Qualifiers differs slightly. Phase One is almost exactly the same, in that the teams play one group in a round-robin format, but this time the top team does not automatically earn a place in the main tournament. Instead, the top four teams from the group phase head into Phase Two.

In the second phase, teams play out a GSL Format bracket where all matches are best-of-three. The teams that win the Upper Bracket and the Lower Bracket will then both qualify for The International 2017.

The full lineup of 18 teams for The International 2017 will be known by Thursday, June 29. The International’s group stage starts Aug. 7 at the KeyArena in Seattle.

Main Qualifier betting at Bet365

With more than $19 million up for grabs, The International 2017 promises to be one of the biggest esports tournaments ever, and interest in these qualifiers is red hot.

Bet365 is offering a wide range of betting on the qualifying events, including a host of different Match Winner 2-way bets.

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