Dota 2 The International 2017 Preview: Part Two, The Participants

Published: Aug 1, 2017 - Last Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Yesterday, we explained how the Dota 2 The International tournament is structured and how the massive prize pool has swelled from viewers buying Battle Passes.

In the second half of our preview, we will focus on each of the 18 teams taking part in the even: starting with the six invited teams and then moving on to the 12 qualifiers.

The Invitees


Team Members: n0tail (Denmark), ana (Australia), s4 (Sweden), JerAx (Finland), Fly (Israel)

Coach: 7ckngMad (France)

Notable Performances: Frankfurt Major 2015 champions, Manila Major 2016 champions, Boston Major 2016 champions, Kiev Major 2017 champions

Formerly known as (monkey) Business, OG became the first team to win four official Valve events when they won the Kiev Major earlier this year. Based in Europe, they have total earnings of over $5.3 million and are sponsored by the soft drink company Red Bull. They disappointed at the event last year but have been in impressive form recently: winning two Major events in Kiev and Boston, as well as finishing second at the Dota 2 Asia Championships in April.

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Team Members: RAMZES666 (Russia), No[o]ne (Ukraine), 9pasha (Russia), Lil (Ukraine), Solo (Russia)

Coach: Artstyle (Ukraine)

Notable Performances: Kiev Major 2017 runners-up

This Russia-based side boasts members from Russia and Ukraine and has total earnings of over $2.7 million. Although light on notable victories, they have tasted success in the Dream League Season 3, as well as winning both The Summit 6 and The Summit 7 events.

Evil Geniuses

Team Members: Arteezy (Canada), SumaiL (Pakistan), UNIVERSE (Malaysia), Zai (Sweden), Cr1t (Denmark)

Coach: Fear (USA) & SVG (USA)

Notable Performances: The International 2015 champions

One of the oldest North American esports teams, founded way back in 1999, Evil Geniuses have a long list of achievements across all the top esports titles. Their Dota 2 team has won many top tournaments, including The Summit 1 and The Summit 4, DreamLeague Season 2, the Dota Pit League, and most recently the Manila Masters in May. They have career earnings in excess of $14.1 million.

Team Liquid

Team Members: MATUMBAMAN (Finland), Miracle- (Jordan), MinD_ControL (Bulgaria), GH (Lebanon), Kuroky (Germany)

Coach: Heen (South Korea)

Notable Performances: Shanghai Major 2016 runners-up, Manila Major 2016 runners-up

Based out of the Netherlands, Team Liquid’s Dota 2 division was founded in 2012 and has since amassed over $2.7 million in winnings. Their biggest victories to date have come in Epicenter 1 and 2, as well as two i-League StarSeries events. They are in great form, having finished second or better in each of their last three events, winning the last two.

Invictus Gaming

Team Members: BurNing (China), Op (China), Xxs (China), BoBoKa (China), Q (China)

Coach: rOtK (China)

Notable Performances: The International 2012 champions

China-based Invictus Gaming came into being in 2011 and have since earned over $3.5 million. They have not won a major event since April, when they took top prize at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017; however, they are a very consistent team. They’ve picked up third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-place finishes in their recent outings.


Team Members: Moogy (China), Sccc (China), kpii (Australia), Kaka (China), Faith (China)

Coach: None

Notable Performances: The International 2014 champions

Despite being a relatively new team, founded in China in 2014, Newbee have emerged as one of the top Dota 2 teams. They’ve earned over $7.5 million within that period and are one of the few teams to have won The International previously (in 2014). Recent victories include the Galaxy Battles and ZOTAC Cup Masters events back in June. They also won the Dota 2 Professional League Season 2.

The Qualifiers

Team Secret (EU)

Team Members: MP (South Korea), MidOne (Malaysia), KheZu (Germany), YapZor (Jordan), Puppey (Estonia)

Coach: SunBhie (South Korea)

Notable Performances: Shanghai Major 2016 champions

Team Secret have won over $4 million in prize money, but their last big win came back at the Shanghai Major in 2016. The team also enjoyed five wins back in 2015 but have since struggled to match that level of consistency.

Planet Dog (EU)

Team Members: Swiftending (Serbia), Keyser (Greece), 33 (Israel), MiLAN (Bosnia & Herzegovina), j4 (Belarus)

Coach: None

Notable Performances: None

Planet Dog are a team (chiefly comprising former members of Prodota Gaming) specifically put together to compete in The International 2017. They earned a place after performing well in the European Qualifier. So far, they have won just $500 as a team.

Team Empire (CIS)

Team Members: Chappie (Russia), fn (Ukraine), Ghostik (Ukraine), RodjER (Russia), Miposhka (Russia)

Coach: JotM (Russia)

Notable Performances:  The International 2015 and the Manila Major 2016, ninth-through-12th finishes

Founded in 2011, the Dota division of Team Empire has amassed total earnings of over $1.1 million. Their most successful period was during 2014 and 2015 when they won six events and finished in the ninth-through-12th range of The International 2015.

iG Vitality (Ch)

Team Members: Paparazi (China), Sakata (China), Injuly (China), Super (China), Dogf1ghts (China)

Coach: None

Notable Performances:  Boston Major 2016 and the Kiev Major 2017, ninth-through-16th finishes

Although a relatively new team started in 2015, iG Vitality have already banked over $770,000 in cash and have emerged as one of China’s best Dota 2 teams in recent years. Their biggest victory came at the World Cyber Arena in 2016, which earned then a $344,928 top prize. Their recent form, however, hasn’t been strong.

LGD Forever Young (Ch)

Team Members: Monet (China), Super (China), Inflame (China), Ahfu (Malaysia), ddc (Macau)

Coach: Banana (China)

Notable Performances: Boston Major 2016, fifth-through-eighth finish

Formed just over a year ago, LGD Forever Young are an emerging force in Dota 2 and certainly one of China’s best hopes of the title. They finished second in the Mars Dota 2 league 2017 earlier this month and third/fourth at Epicenter 2017 back in June. They have yet to win a big tournament, but their performances and consistency are both improving.

LGD Gaming (Ch)

Team Members: Ame (China), Maybe (China), eLeVeN (China), Yao (China), Victoria (China)

Coach: 357 (China)

Notable Performances: The International 2015, third place

One of the most experienced teams in the tournament, LGD Gaming have banked over $5 million in prize money since their creation in 2011. They have won some major events recently, including the Mars Dota 2 League. They finished third in The International 2015. This will be their fifth year competing in The International, having also finished third in 2012 and fifth/sixth place in 2014.

TNC Pro Team (SEA)

Team Members: Raven (Philippines), Kuku (Philippines), Sam_H (Philippines), Tims (Philippines), 1437 (Canada)

Coach: Kipspul (the Netherlands)

Notable Performances: The International 2016, seventh/eighth place

Founded in 2013, but with a break between then and 2015, TNC Pro Team’s biggest win came in the World Electronic Sports games of 2016. Last year, they finished in a creditable seventh/eighth position at The International.

Fnatic (SEA)

Team Members: Ahjit (Malaysia), QO (S.Korea), Ohaiyo (Malaysia), Febby (South Korea), DJ (Philippines)

Coach: ADTR (Malaysia)

Notable Performances: The International 2016, fourth place

The Dota 2 arm of Fnatic was founded in 2015 and has since earned $2.1 million. This is chiefly through their consistent playing at key events; however, they’e never won a top tourney. Their $1.4 million payday at last year’s The International is their biggest to date.

Execration (SEA)

Team Members: Nando (Philippines), CartMaN (Philippines),Bimbo (Philippines), Kim0 (Philippines), RR (Philippines)

Coach: BYB (Philippines)

Notable Performances: None

Execration have been around for many years in the Minor and Major leagues, but they’ve only recently started to make an impact at the Premier Level of Dota 2 gaming. This is their first visit to The International. Could this be their chance to break into the big time?

Team NP (NA)

Team Members: EternaLEnVy (Canada), FATA (Germany), MSS (USA), Aui_2000 (Canada), Pieliedie (Sweden)

Coach: Stan King (USA)

Notable Performances: Boston Major 2016, fifth-through-eighth finish

Formed in 2016, Team NP are a Canadian side that have been regulars at many of the major Dota 2 tournaments during the past 12 months. They haven’t won one though, and their best payday was at last year’s Boston Major.

Digital Chaos (NA)

Team Members: Mason (USA), Abed (Philippines), Forev (South Korea), BuLba (USA), DuBu (South Korea)

Coach: Brax (USA)

Notable Performances: The International 2016 runners-up

Formed in 2015, Digital Chaos have earned just over $4 million. Their biggest win in that period was at the ESL One Genting 2017. This will be their second time at The International, having competed in 2016, earning $3.4 million for finishing second in the tournament. They are among the favorites to do well again this year.

Infamous (SA)

Team Members: Benjaz (Peru), Timado (Peru), Kingteka (Peru), Matthew (Peru), Accel (Peru)

Coach: Papita (Argentina)

Notable Performances: None

Infamous are a Peruvian team, and this is their first visit to The International. They have earned over $111,000, and the lion’s share of that money ($60,000) came from their fourth-place finish at the World Electronic Sports Games 2016. They are one of the rank outsiders for the event.

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