Super People: Is The New PUBG-Style Battle Royale Any Good?

Published: Jan 4, 2022

There’s a new battle royale title emerging right now, but it’s doing so at a surprisingly slow rate. In recent weeks, Super People has become a direct competitor to the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, but there’s a twist. In Super People, you assume the role of, quite literally, a super person, fusing traditional gunplay with enhanced abilities. However, as the title only passed into the closed beta phase at the start of December, everyone is wondering whether or not Super People is any good.

These days, there are more battle royale games than you can shake a stick at. It all started with the likes of H1Z1 and PUBG and from there, the genre blossomed, now including games like Warzone, Apex, and Fortnite. Now, Super People has burst onto the scene, boasting drop-dead gorgeous graphics and more augmentations than a Deus Ex game.

But is Super People worth your time?

Is Super People a Good Battle Royale?

As a battle royale title, Super People is absolutely superb and it ticks every box you could possibly imagine. Bizarrely, it looks, feels, sounds, and runs amazingly well, which is strange considering the size and profile of the studio. This game comes hot off the presses of Wonder People, a South Korean development studio that has done very little besides Super People. Although let’s not take away from their achievement – this closed beta title is more polished than most full, AAA releases today.

If you’re a battle royale fan, Super People has everything you could possibly want. There’s a massive, sprawling, and diverse map studded with exploration opportunities and ripe with loot. As you play and explore ‘Orb Island’, you’ll notice that every interior is accessible, and through the Unreal Engine, has been beautifully crafted. There are simple crafting and looting mechanics to enjoy, and weapons and characters can be customised and upgraded on the fly.

So, it’s essentially a PUBG clone – but there’s a twist!

Super People’s characters boast a wide range of powers. (Image Credit: PC Gamer)

Each of the twelve pre-determined classes in Super People comes equipped with unique powers that can be unlocked and used. There are active, passive, and ultimate abilities that range from heartbeat monitors and super-speed to a minigun and teleportation. These classes are assigned randomly at the start of a match, but you can pay in-game currency (which you earn for playing) to switch between them.

Is Super People Free to Play?

It’s a remarkable offering, but yes, Super People is free-to-play. It’s only available through Steam at the moment, and it’s exclusive to PC – and it’s mnk native, so console fans will have to skip this one for now.

For the grand price of totally nothing, you’re receiving a honed, finely-tuned, and exhilarating battle royale adventure that doesn’t offer the same experience twice. There’s an intuitive loadout system, a multi-tier in-game levelling mechanic, vehicular combat, and extensive character customisation options. It’s no wonder a string of content creators have been pulled into the game in the last two weeks.

If you want to watch Super People gameplay, it is regularly being streamed by the likes of TimTheTatman, Dr Disrespect, and Jackfrags. These are some of the highest-paid streamers out there, and they’re having an absolute blast on Super People.

While it isn’t expected to completely disrupt the battle royale genre anytime soon, Super People offers a brilliant and enjoyable experience overall.

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