Japan League Stage 1 Betting Preview: Teams, Odds & Predictions

Posted on March 24, 2023

With the new return of Rainbow Six Siege, there are fresh regional events taking place. For example, the Japan League Stage 1 event is currently underway and is an exciting esports betting opportunity. Accordingly, let’s dive right into the R6S betting preview below!

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Japan League Stage 1 – Wrapping Groups

Starting only earlier this week, the Japan League 2023 Stage 1 took off on 18th March. Alongside other regions, Ubisoft is gathering the best Rainbow Six Siege teams from Japan to compete for regional dominance.

With $150,000 of prize on the line, the top 8 teams in Japan will compete until 2nd April for prize and seeding.

With regards to the format, first teams have been seeded into a Group Stage with a single round-robin, featuring BO1 matches.

From here, only the top 3 will qualify to the Knockout Stage. Once in the Knockout, only the top 2 will qualify to the Major, while 3-5th will seed into the Last Chance Qualifier.

The Group Stage will continue this weekend, below we’ve hand-picked three match-ups worth previewing:

25th March 2023:

  • SCARZ vs FAV Gaming (08:00 CET)
  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming vs Varrel (10:30 CET)
  • Crest Gaming Lst vs Team Northeption (11:20 CET)

Previewing these matches includes taking a look at the R6S odds. Accordingly, we’ve resorted to quoting BC.Game’s odds. For those unaware, BC.Game is a reliable esports betting platform, one worth checking out should you be interested in esports betting. Feel free to learn more about the site via our BC.Game review.

Japan League Stage 1 – Odds and Predictions

SCARZ vs FAV Gaming

First on our list is a hot Group A match-up. Within the group, SCARZ and FAV Gaming are both winless, with SCAR edging out with 1 point in third place.

While SCARZ is the favourite in this match, FAV Gaming have every chance of upsetting here should they match up well. Notably, this is the final chance for either of these teams to make it into the top 2 and progress to the next stage – a great Rainbow Six betting opportunity.

  • Predictions: SCARZ (1-0) FAV Gaming
  • Odds: SCARZ Outright Win (1.45), FAV Gaming Outright Win (2.6)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game
Japan League Stage 1
Image Credits: Ubisoft

CYCLOPS athlete gaming vs Varrel

Moving onto Group B, CYCLOPS and Varrel are fighting to try and be at the top of Group B. While Varrel may statistically be on top of the standings, they are technically equal in wins.

While Varrel seem to be safe to qualify for Playoffs, CYCLOPS desperately need to win here in order to make it – hence they’re favoured. Yet, Varrel has every chance to change how this group stands.

  • Predictions: CYCLOPS athlete gaming (1-0) Varrel
  • Odds: CYCLOPS athlete gaming Outright Win (1.62), Varrel Outright Win (2.15)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game

Crest Gaming Lst vs Team Northeption

The final match of our esports betting preview is the Group A title race. Specifically, Crest Gaming Lst sit at first with 5 points, while Northeption are second with 4 points. Some of the best Rainbow Six Siege players in Japan will be competing here.

A loss here for Northeption could mean failing to qualify for Playoffs, while Crest Gaming is rather safe. Bearing this in mind, Crest Gaming are the favourites in this match up.

  • Predictions: Crest Gaming Lst (1-0) Team Northeption
  • Odds: Crest Gaming Lst Outright Win (1.62), Team Northeption Outright Win (2.15)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game
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