JD Gaming vs Weibo Gaming: LPL 2022 Summer Picks and Predictions

Posted on August 3, 2022

JD Gaming have already made it to the playoffs and will be fighting for a better rank in this match whereas Weibo Gaming will make playoff qualification secure if they win this. These are two good sides, who faced each other in Round 3 of the Spring season playoffs. This is an excellent match for viewers that enjoy League of Legends betting.

JD Gaming won that battle 3-2, which gives us an idea of how tight this game could go even though the stakes aren’t going to be as high as they were then. For Weibo Gaming, the stakes will probably be a bit higher considering they’ll want to get on over JD Gaming for what happened in their last big match and what this will mean for their rankings.

Predictions: JD Gaming to win

Odds: 1.58

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: Wednesday, August 3, 13:00 CEST

Weibo Gaming Have Been A Bit Too Vulnerable

Weibo Gaming have played one games less, won nine and lost four, whereas, JD Gaming have just lost two of their 14 matches. The LoL odds will, unsurprisingly, be in favor of JD Gaming in this match.

Weibo Gaming will want to level up their defense before the season ends because it’s been a bit of a concern. 11.2 deaths per game is probably enough for a side that wants to qualify for the playoffs but not quite enough for the side that hopes to beat the JD Gamings of this world and make it further in the playoffs.

Top laner, TheShy, has taken the brunt of it for some of Weibo Gaming’s defensive woes, averaging 3.26 deaths per game this year and not doing enough offensively to compensate for that with 2.81 deaths per game, 4.6 assists per game and a KDA of 2.28 for the year. He has to be careful going forward or he could stand to lose his place in the side. This is the difference and some of the decisions that might put Weibo Gaming in the elite bracket.

Image Credits | JD Gaming

JD Gaming Have Been Extremely Aggressive All Season

JD Gaming’s early game aggression seems to be paying dividends. A league high 16.7 kills per game is managed in games that usually last a little under 30 minutes. That’s a kill under every 2 minutes. They do this by getting onto their opponent’s faces right off the bat with a 50% first blood rate and 57.9% first tower rate. JD Gaming were one of the top sides in the league with a third-place finish and making it to the fourth rounds of the playoffs but the definitely look even sharper now.

A win here would cement their credentials and would spur them for the rest of the season. Kanavi, the jungler, and Hope, the bot laner, have been outstanding this year. Both have produced some remarkable stats. They average over 4 kills per game, less than 3 deaths per game, over 6 assists per game and a KDA over 4. The two have been the key players for JD Gaming this season.

Weibo Gaming vs JD Gaming Predictions

There should be a lot of quality on show in this one. However, it won’t be too surprising after some look at the metrics where we will go with our LoL prediction. JD Gaming have beaten Weibo Gaming in a big match recently and are one of the best sides in the league. They seem to still have the hunger to top the rankings will always want to put their offensive game on show.

Weibo Gaming will be a great challenge and have their own aspirations but we think JD Gaming should win this one fairly comfortably when it’s all said and done.

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