Juhan and Bay Leave PSG Talon

Published: Jun 5, 2022

According to the announcement, the South Korean stars of PSG Talon, Lee “Juhan” Ju-han, and Park “Bay” Jun-byeong have left the organization and they are now looking for a new team for the upcoming split.

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PSG’s Run in MSI 2022

Just like the previous year, PSG Talon once again dominated PCS regionally to qualify for the international scene. They secured sixteen wins and only two losses during the PCS 2022 Spring Split and finished their run at the top of the standings. After taking down Deep Cross Gaming and CTBC Flying Oyster in the playoffs, PSG Talon lifted the regional trophy and secured a spot at the MSI 2022. The PCS representative didn’t make any mistakes in the Group Stage and made their way to the Rumble Stage by completing their group right behind Royal Never Give Up. PSG Talon’s run ended in the Rumble Stage, upsetting many esports betting players in the world, as they were one of the teams that failed to make it to the playoffs alongside Saigon Buffalo. Juhan and Bay were two of the most important pieces of the roster starting from the beginning until the very end.

The Deadly Duo

Before joining PSG Talon, Juhan was a member of the Nongshim RedForce Challengers team. He was competing in the LCK Challengers League and has shown many impressive performances. However, his career has a long history behind him, starting with ASURA back in 2019. Back then, LCK had a different format and ASURA was a team competing in Challengers Korea. Juhan’s name used to be Salix. He then joined OZ GAming and played with some of the well-known South Korean players such as; Lee “Crown” Min-ho, An “Ian” Jun-hyeong, and Na “Pilot” Woo-hyung. He never reached the LCK level and competed in the “big league” but still had remarkable opponents throughout his career before signing with PSG Talon.

Bay was a teammate of Juhan back in his Nongshim RedForce Challengers times. However, he is much more experienced as the South Korean mid laner played for the main team of Nongshim RedForce for a split. They didn’t have the best synergy with Han “Peanut” Wang-ho and he got demoted to the academy roster. Before his time with Peanut and Juhan under the NS roof, Bay was the substitıe mid laner for Griffin. In other words, he was a backup for Yoo “Naehyun” Nae-hyun.

Why They’re Leaving

The duo never had any international experience before moving to PCS. PSG Talon had a better split with their previous mid and jungler, Maple, and River but they still had dominant performances during this split. However, Juhan and Bay failed to show their true capacity during MSI 2022. The other teams had better contributing mid laners and junglers and that may be one of the reasons that PSG Talon is now searching for a new duo. LoL odds will not change for PSG Talon in the upcoming season and they will remain very little as their core roster is the best in the region. On the other hand, the newly released duo, Juhan, and Bay are also looking for a new team to compete in the upcoming season.

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