Karmine Corp vs Gameward: LFL 2022 Summer Picks and Predictions

Posted on August 3, 2022

Gameward squares off against Karmine Corp in the second round of the LFL summer playoffs. Whoever wins will progress to the next round, where they’ll take on the winner of the fixture between Vitality Bee and Misfits Premier. Gameward have turned in strong performances over the course of the summer, and the LoL odds predict that they will knock Karmine Corp out of the competition.

Predictions: Karmine Corp to win

Odds: 1.67

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: Thursday, August 4, 18:00 CEST


Gameward began their season on the right note, starting off with three consecutive wins against Misfits Premier, Karmine Corp and Team Oplon. In fact, they dominated the first half of the split with just two losses from their first eleven games occurring against LDLC and Team Go. After the seventh week however their fortunes took a drastic turn, and they slipped to four consecutive defeats.

Vitality Bee, Team BDS Academy and LDLC took them down again, and a then a shock defeat at the hands of bottom-ranked Mirage Elyandra left them reeling. They did win their last round robin match against Solary, managing to save face after taking heavy hits in the last week of the tournament. Gameward ended the split placed fourth on the rankings, with 11 wins and 7 defeats.

After such a strong start to their tournament, they would’ve liked to end higher than where they’re currently placed. Still, they have beaten Karmine Corp twice already this season, and will back themselves to do it again. A slip in form towards the end shouldn’t worry a side that has dominated the way they have. For all these reasons, the League of Legends betting tips indicate that they have the clear edge over the opposition.

Gameward have a high kill to death ratio of 1.46 this split, second only to table-toppers LDLC. Their GPM count is only behind LDLC as well, currently 1842. They have average 14.7 kills and 10.1 deaths per game, while their tower destruction rate and tower loss rate are 7.5 and 5.2 respectively. Gameward’s creep score per minute averages 32.5, and they have dealt a DPM of 2223.

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Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp have had a surprisingly rough season. They have qualified, but just about. With nine wins and losses each, they ended the split placed sixth on the standings, the cutoff rank for qualification. KC had a great start to the round robin, dominating as they have done so often in the past with five wins from their six opening games.

Of course, they did have quite a light schedule compared to some of the other teams. They beat Team Oplon easily in their season opener, but went down to Gameward in the next game. After that they surged to a four-win streak against Team Go, BDS Academy, Mirage Elyandra and Solary.

Their performances toward the middle and latter half of the season did leave something to be desired. In the last few weeks they were beaten by Team Oplon and Solary, both teams who have struggled this season. These losses are almost inexcusable given the context of the different levels the teams are at.

At the very least, KC did qualify – though it’s at the lowest rank they have slipped to in years. The LoL predictions favour Gameward because KC have already been beaten by Gameward twice this season, and will have to come up with new and improved strategies if they are to progress in the playoffs.

Karmine Corp vs Gameward Predictions

Karmine Corp have more deaths per game, 14.4, this season than they do kills. They have a kill rate of 12.8, so their ratio has slipped to 0.89. KC have killed 6.6 and lost 6.0 towers per game, and accumulated a GPM count of 1797. Their DPM score, 2329, is the highest among the rest and indicative of their aggressive gameplay, though it hasn’t always paid off. Still, there is far too much strength and skill in that team to not keep winning consistently, and so we are going for a KC win.

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