KT Rolster Secures First Place in WCK 2022 Spring

Published: Apr 14, 2022

Following eight weeks of action in the Wild Rift Champions Korea (WCK) Spring Group Stage, KT Rolster have come out on top to become the number one seed heading into the playoffs stage, which will begin on Apr. 16th.

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Image Credits | KT Rolster

KT Rolster finish first in WCK 2022 Spring groups

WCK 2022 Spring is the first-ever Korean domestic Wild Rift tournament, featuring a total of six teams. Four of them were LCK invited teams, including KT Rolster, T1, Liiv Sandbox and Kwangdong Freecs, while the last two, Team GP and Team CreScent, joined from the Open Qualifier.

Coming into the tournament, KT Rolster were considered one of the favorite teams to win the regular split and they lived up to the expectations. The team only lost twice through the group stage, dropping once against both KWANGDONG Freecs and Liiv Sandbox.

In the end, KT finished with an 8-2 record, with one more win than Kwangdong Freecs and a +6 game differential. Team GP finished in 3rd place, with T1 narrowly managing to qualify in 4th with a 5-5 record. Unfortunately, Liiv SANDBOX and Team CreScent were knocked out of the competition, with the latter not being able to win a single Bo3 series.

KT Rolster will now face T1 in the first match of the semifinals on April 16th. Kwangdong Freecs, on the other hand, will be up against Team GP. All the matches will be in a Bo5 format, with the only exception being the finals where a Bo7 will take place.

Image Credits | Riot Games

The winners of the two matches will face each other in the finals on April 24th to crown the WCK Champions, with the two losing teams battling it out the day before. At the end of the playoffs, the best three teams will have the chance to play in the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship. The WCK champions will go directly to the groups stage, with the 2nd and 3rd places joining the play-in stage.

For those who don’t know, the Icons Global Championship is the global tournament for the mobile game, where 24 teams from 8 different regions will compete to become World Champions. It is the first-ever world championship and it will take place in Europe this summer.

If you want to catch all the WCK action, make sure to join the stream on the official Wild Rift Esports YouTube and Wild Rift Esports KR Twitch channels. If you are in Korea, you might have the chance to see it live, as the WCK is taking place at the LoL Park in Seoul.

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