KT Rolster vs Dplus KIA – Match Analysis & Insights

Published: Jan 20, 2024

In an exciting LCK match rounding off Week 1, KT Rolster faces off against Dplus KIA. This game presents an intriguing clash between two well-established teams in the Korean League of Legends scene, each with its unique strengths and strategies in LCK Spring 2024.


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KT Rolster vs Dplus KIA Match Preview

LoL odds used in this article were provided by one of the best LoL betting sites, Pinnacle.

KT Rolster: The Dark Horse

KT Rolster, a prominent name in Korean esports, is known for its strategic depth and experienced roster. For this year, Pyosik enters the KT Rolster’s jungle role, bringing his strategic skills sharpened at DRX to add a new dynamic to the team’s playstyle.

The Mid Lane remains strong under the consistent and influential gameplay of Bdd. In the bot lane, the experienced ADC Deft joins forces with the macro prodigy support BeryL. These changes reflect KT Rolster’s clear ambition to rise to the top in the LCK.

Dplus KIA: A Formidable Force

Dplus KIA, formerly DAMWON Gaming and DWG KIA, has consistently been a top contender in the Korean League of Legends circuit. Their lineup, including the likes of ShowMaker and Canyon, has proven time and again their capability to dominate in high-pressure situations. Dplus KIA’s blend of skill and tactical acumen makes them favorites in this encounter.

KT Rolster vs Dplus KIA - Match Analysis & Insights
Image Credits: Pinnacle

KT Rolster vs Dplus KIA – Odds & Prediction

Pinnacle Esports odds indicate Dplus KIA as the favorites, but not overwhelmingly so, suggesting a potentially close contest.

The KT Rolster vs Dplus KIA match promises to be a fascinating display of strategic League of Legends. For more insights and betting options, visit LoL Odds and explore Pinnacle Esports for top offers. Remember, while the odds favor Dplus KIA, the unpredictability of League of Legends always leaves room for surprises.

  • Prediction: KT Rolster (1-2) Dplus KIA
  • Odds: KT Rolster Win (2.500/+150), Dplus KIA Win (1.543/-184)
  • LoL Gambling Site: Pinnacle

Odds are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change.

Hero image credit – LoL Esports

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