LA Thieves vs Atlanta FaZe Betting Tips & Odds

Published: Dec 7, 2023

If you’d come around a year ago and shown us this match, we’d have found it extremely tough to call. In 2022, LA Thieves won the world championship in the Call of Duty League, and in 2021, Atlanta FaZe lifted the trophy. Now, things have changed, rosters have switched up, and it’s a different world out there. Using Pinnacle’s best odds, we’re piecing together a snapshot guide to the top predictions for this series, which will take place during the first week of the Call of Duty League 2024 season.

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LA Thieves vs Atlanta FaZe Match Preview

This is what the situation is like between these two squads.

LA Thieves

LA Thieves was one of the most dominating teams in the CDL during the 2022 season. Since then, the entire roster has moved on, with some members retiring and others relocating across the League. This season, the squad is less driven by veteran talent and more focused on rookie players, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. However, when compared to Atlanta FaZe’s line-up, it seems almost improbable that LA Thieves can defy the Call of Duty odds and win the series.

Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe is, without a doubt, the most impactful team in the CDL. For years, the squad has remained intensely consistent, putting up numbers that no other organisation ever has before. This season, the team acquired Drazah – who coincidentally won the world championship with LA Thieves in 2022. There are high expectations for Atlanta FaZe from Call of Duty betting fans, and there’s no world we can see where the team loses this series.

lat vs atl

LA Thieves vs Atlanta FaZe Odds & Predictions

Making use of Pinnacle Esports‘ stellar Call of Duty markets, we’ve picked the following odds:

Odds are correct at the time of publication and subject to change

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