LA Thieves Wins CDL Championship, First Rings For Entire Team

Published: Aug 7, 2022

For several weeks, the LA Thieves have been one of the strongest teams in the Call of Duty League. While the season started off slow for the LA Thieves, the situation became increasingly intense towards the end of the year, culminating in a victory at Major IV for the team. Now, following an overwhelmingly dominating display of skill, the LA Thieves have beaten Atlanta FaZe in the final of the Call of Duty Championship, securing the top spot and the $1.2 million prize pool.

It marks a monumental moment for the organisation, as following the team’s first Major win, this is the first Championship victory in the CDL for LA Thieves. Furthermore, it’s the first time any of the team’s players have won a Championship ring, and it’s certainly a well-deserved moment for all involved. With a collective explosion of ability, Drazah, Kenny, Octane, and Envoy leapt to victory, punishing Atlanta FaZe and producing a 5 – 2 scoreline to close out the CDL 2022 season.

LA Thieves Win It At Home


On home turf, the LA Thieves secured a massive victory, without a doubt. It was an intense tournament all around, but the final few games really ramped up the excitement, as the LA Thieves pushed forwards to a 4 – 0 scoreline with almost no retort from Atlanta FaZe. There was a momentary response as ATL secured a win in the second SnD and then the second round of Control, but it wasn’t enough to hold back the LA Thieves.

In a dramatic, 11-round SnD on Tuscan, the LA Thieves quite literally stole the victory out from under FaZe. It was an emotional moment for all involved, with the crowd exploding into applause and the LA Thieves squad leaping up from the desks and hollering in celebration. While Atlanta FaZe put up a considerable challenge throughout the regular season, the team seemed to be somewhat cursed. At every Major tournament, Atlanta FaZe just failed to secure a win, but this loss at COD Champs was the final nail in the coffin for the squad.

There can be no doubt that Atlanta FaZe features some of the best Call of Duty players in the world. However, this year was a considerably tough one for all the teams on the roster, and in some cases, it turned out to be an insanely unpredictable affair. For a while, making accurate guesses as a Call of Duty betting fan was an incredibly difficult task.

The Future Of The CDL

Now that the LA Thieves have lifted the CDL Champs trophy, the season comes to an official close. Now, things will go quiet for a while, with players eagerly awaiting the start of the 2023 Call of Duty League season. It’ll transition away from Call of Duty: Vanguard, being replaced by Modern Warfare II, which is launching on October 28th.

To fill the gap, organisations will begin moving around the pieces on the board. We’ll see rostermania take place, rules get reviewed, and players will begin training their hearts out for the next season. There may be retirements, new faces appearing, and fresh challenges for teams to overcome. For now, the LA Thieves sit pretty on the $1.2 million prize, safe in the knowledge that the team has secured a milestone victory for the organisation.

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