Las Vegas Legion vs Carolina Royal Ravens Betting Predictions & Odds

Published: Dec 6, 2023

Across the last few seasons, both the Royal Ravens and Legion have undergone a similar journey. They’ve both rebranded and moved out of the EU scene to North America, and they’ve both spent their fair share of time at the bottom of the table. Things are expected to turn around for both of these organisations this season, as revitalised rosters and a fresh look bode well for both teams. Which of them is more likely to win this series, though? We’re taking advantage of Pinnacle’s competitive COD odds to get an idea of which team will walk away victorious.

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Las Vegas Legion vs Carolina Royal Ravens Match Preview

Let’s size up these teams and see which is most likely to win this round.

Las Vegas Legion

Vegas Legion has only existed for one season in the Call of Duty League, and that wasn’t a monumentally productive one. This season, the squad has been buffed with world championship winners, and it’s sizing up to be a solid contender for the year ahead. With Attach, Nero, Standy, and Purj, a solid squad is presented for this series against the Royal Ravens, but will it be enough to overcome the team headed by veteran Clayster, who last year flew the Legion flag? The Call of Duty odds will reveal all.

Carolina Royal Ravens

Last season, the Royal Ravens were a London-based team, but a rebrand and a move has taken the organisation deep into North America. There’s an all-new squad representing the brand this season, too – and it’s being driven by one of the most iconic competitors in Call of Duty esports. He’s flanked by some untested talent, though, so it’ll be a sizeable task to overcome Las Vegas Legion. It’s a hard one to call for Call of Duty betting fans.

legion vs ravens

Las Vegas Legion vs Carolina Royal Ravens Odds & Prediction

We’ve pulled in Pinnacle Esports to get the most competitive odds for this series.

Odds are correct at the time of publication and subject to change

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