New Deal Sees LATAM Set To Host More Esports Tournaments

Published: Jul 21, 2021

You only need to look at the huge number of people that bet on esports in Brazil to know that the Latin American region is ripe for growth within the esports industry.

It is a fact that has not gone unnoticed by a number of different service providers within the esports events and betting industry, with a number of specific LATAM esports sponsorships and agreements made across the region in the last few months alone.

Now, there is a new agreement that could well propagate further growth in the esports industry in this part of the world as the International Esports Federation (IESF) has agreed a new deal with the live event production company White Lite LLC in order to facilitate the hosting of a greater number of esports tournaments across the region.

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Focus On More Than Just Brazil

When it comes to esports and esports betting Brazil is clearly the market leader in Latin America at the present moment in time. The country tends to host the most gaming tournaments and other esports events in Latin America each year.

There are also an ever-growing number of Brazilian esports betting sites available for people in the country to enjoy a wager not just on the events taking place in Brazil, but across Latin America and around the world too.

However, the Latin America region is more than just Brazil and with burgeoning interest in hosting and betting on esports tournaments across the region, this new deal between IESF and White Lite LLC could provide a real boost, especially in countries in the region that may have struggled to previously attract sponsors and tournaments.

“More Resources”

Boban Totovski, the IESF Secretary General, explained why the deal was so important to the Latin American region’s esports industry.

“We are very grateful for the opportunities this new partnership with White Lite will create for Esports athletes, officials and fans in the LATAM region.”

“IESF will invest more resources towards developing Esports in the region as part of IESF’s commitment to unifying and strengthening the World Esports family and supporting our 106 member federations.”

New Tournament Structure & Hosts

One of the main focal points of the new agreement will be the creation of a new IESF LATAM Open Esports Championships. White Lite will work with the IESF to develop the tournament to give the community of esports fans in Latin America a chance to access and engage with top class esports tournaments.

In addition, starting in 2022, the LATAM region will also benefit from more than five different Latin American Esports Championships and the organisers have promised to allow esports competitors in the region every opportunity to enter and compete in the events.

For each of the five new tournaments, a qualification tournament will be held online for each country in Latin America, with the top 10 players from each country progressing through to compete at the Finals event, which will be played at a nominated host country for the event.

“Highest Quality”

Javier Goicoechea, the Manager of White Lite LLC explained that his country intended to “support LATAM athletes by offering them the highest quality of Esports events.

Given the positioning undertaken by a number of major players in the esports industry and esports betting industry across Latin America, particularly over the last 12 months or so, it does seem as if this often overlooked part of the world may now start to get the esports infrastructure in place for it to become as big a center for esports as the Far East, North America, and Europe.

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