LCK Playoffs 2019 Breakdown: DAMWON vs. Kingzone

Published: Apr 4, 2019 - Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019

DAMWON are about to face Kingzone in the LCK Playoffs 2019. The two clash in a thrilling Bo5 quarterfinal on April 5, but only one will advance to the next round of the knockout stage. Let’s break down this LCK Playoffs matchup and find out who it’s going to be!

First off, DAMWON proved they deserve to stand at the top of the LCK food chain. Their previous series against SANDBOX saw them fall behind in the laning phase. Yet DAMWON weathered the storm and clawed their way back into the game with explosive teamfighting and decisive shot calling. Combine that with standout showings from their solo laners, and this team has a great mix of synergy and individual firepower.

The solo lane momentum

DAMWON wouldn’t have made it this far without their solo laners. Nuguri is a monster in the top lane. His carry play was the driving force behind the victory against SANDBOX Gaming. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to take over the game on his own. ShowMaker put on an absolute clinic in the mid lane. His teamfighting on Corki became the cornerstone of DAMWON’s strategies.

Other players weren’t as prominent. Canyon had a shaky start to his previous LCK Playoffs match. And while he regained his footing with a decent Lee Sin performance, it still remains to be seen whether he can show up in a Bo5 series. Nuclear and BeryL also left a lot to be desired in the bot lane. It seemed like they were just along for the Nuguri/ShowMaking ride. It’s worth noting DAMWON have two capable substitutes at their disposal: Flame and Punch might be able to cover some of these weaknesses.

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Kingzone have a similar approach. Their early game is solid, but it’s their teamfighting that really sets them apart from other South Korean lineups. Moreover, they’re one of the best teams in the region when it comes to strategy. You can count on Kingzone to set up the right rotations, secure strong vision control, and approach neutral objectives from the right angles.

The miracle marksman

Kingzone love to play around their bot lane—and for good reason! Deft is downright oppressive in the AD carry position. He still has the talent and the game sense to single-handedly take over the game. If that wasn’t enough, TusiN is one of the most aggressive playmakers in the league, which makes him a perfect support for someone as mechanically proficient as Deft.

But there’s more to Kingzone than their bot lane. Cuzz made massive improvements this season. It’s uncanny how he’s always in the right place at the right time. The same applies to Rascal. He went from an unremarkable role player to someone who reliably holds his own against the best LCK top laners. Throw in a mid lane wildcard in PawN, and Kingzone have a lot of ways of taking the fight to their opponents.

PREDICTION: Kingzone will outmuscle DAMWON in teamfights to win this series with a 3-1 score.

Image credit: LCK/Riot Games

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