LCK Introduces New Security Measures and Tackles Match Pauses

Published: Jul 28, 2022

Lots of inconveniences have been affecting players, teams and the fans lately in LCK and the league officials decided to take immediate action. The improvements consist of two solutions affecting both players and fans’ experience, starting today.


Introducing the Solution

LCK is one of the most known esports tournaments in the world. It used to be one of the most successful regions back in the days, before LPL’s rising graphic. Lately, in-game or broadcasting problems have damaged the league’s reputation and entertainment level and all the community has waited for a fix. Today, the LCK officials made the awaited announcement which looks like a solution to most of the problems, if not all of them. It is of course not possible to solve every pause problem but there are some logical precautions to take and the LCK board is ready to raise the entertainment once again.

There are many precautions that can be taken by the league officials and according to the announcement, the LCK board has started to take bigger steps to resolve the matters. As seen above, both look important for fans and players in terms of a better experience. The league has also made very important partnerships, such as LCK deal with OP.GG, and these incidents may damage their brand value. These precautions are also very important regarding the value.

The July Incident

A very unfortunate incident happened during the July 14th match between Hanwha Life Esports and T1.Th pause during game 3 was resumed without informing and preparing the T1 players to start the game. The game was then paused and Chronobroken again and resumed after preparing both teams. As a result, the referee was referred back to KeSPA’s referee committee for failing to comply with the game resumption process.

Pauses always cause problems both for players and fans. For players, it may cause distractions which may affect their gameplay and the respective position. Some players have already shared their opinions about pauses and they were obviously not positive. Secondly, fans also get affected by the pauses as they do not really know what happens and also it ruins the entertainment. All the fans would want to watch their favorite team or even game without any problems and live the spirit without a single stop but pauses do not allow them.

These kinds of incidents also affect betting on LoL. Companies take different actions regarding these matters and you may want to check how it may affect your situation. If you are unaware of betting, you can check our LCK betting guide! We are almost at the very end of the regular season and the playoffs will be even more competitive as usual. Don’t forget to check our guide!

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