LCK Spring 2022 Week 4 Predictions – Who is the best Korean team?

Published: Feb 10, 2022

The LCK is resuming its Week 4 action with one of the most hyped matches of the split! First place T1 will face the second place Gen.G to determine who is the strongest team in the LCK. They will play against each other on Saturday, on the 4th day of this week 4. The other series we will be looking at is the battle between KT Rolster and Fredit Brion. Below you can find an analysis of both matches along with our predictions.

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LCK Spring Week 4 – Fight for the Number 1 Spot

T1 vs Gen.G

First, let’s start off with T1 and their best start of the season in recent years. They are still undefeated in the LCK, winning 7 series in a row with a 78% win rate out of the 18 games they’ve played so far. Despite some close series, the one against DK being one of them, T1 and their roster full of youngsters and rookies have delivered every single time.

In the T1 roster, the shining stars are definitely Gumayusi and Keria. The bot lane duo has been the most consistent element in the team, constantly winning lanes and carrying the team on their backs. Gumayusi is one of the most all-rounded ADCs as he has exceptional laning and teamfight potential, while Keria’s early mid-game presence and execution is a tier above the competition. It shouldn’t be a surprise that fans are considering those two as the best current bot lane in the world: T1 will likely rely on them to neutralize Gen.G’s veteran ADC Ruler on the bottom side of the map.

Gen.G, on other hand, has been chasing T1 in the standings after the loss against KT Rolster in Week 3. Chovy and Ruler are the primary carries for the team, but all the members have been performing pretty well so far this split. Unfortunately, Gen.G was hit with some bad luck. Both jungler Peanut and support Lehends have tested positive for Covid, and they will have to self-quarantine for 14 days.

As a consequence, Gen.G will have to play with substitute junglers YoungJae and support Lospa. While they might be a great chance for them to get some on-stage experience, I really doubt that going up against the 1st place team in Korea is the best way to do so.

With that being said, I expect T1 to continue their win streak and finish 8-0 at the end of the LCK Week 4. The only way I see Gen.G coming out victorious is if T1 underperforms or Chovy can put on a 1v9 show. Going up against Faker, I’m afraid that will not happen. Below you can find some of the best odds for this series, offered by

T1 vs Gen.G Betting Odds


The other series we will be looking at is between Fredit Brion and KT Rolster. While it is not a fight for the top of the standings, it is still a very interesting match to analyze. They are respectively 7th and 6th in the championship, so they will tie their scores if BRO wins. Since 6th is the last playoff spot, this might become a very important head-to-head when the spring split will end.

On one hand, we have KT Rolster who have had some great series (see the one vs Gen.G), but they’ve also fallen short 2-1 against teams of similar levels (DRX and NS to name a few). This means that the potential is there and the details must be fixed in order to improve the consistency. As of right now, KT’s main win condition is through their ADC Aiming. The problem is that if he’s not in the situation to be the carry, KT doesn’t seem to have other viable options.

Fredit Brion, instead, has a different problem. The team is not proactive in the early game, and the overall laning of the players is weaker compared to the competition. With that being said, they did face all the top teams in the past few weeks, so the series against KT will be more indicative of how much of a gap there is to the mid-pack teams. In the roster, the player to watch out for is Lava, as he’s been the main damage dealer of the BRO lineup.

Based on the recent performances coming into LCK Week 4, I think KT Rolster does have an edge on Fredit Brion. Nonetheless, I don’t think this series will be dominated by KT. It will likely go to Game 3, and games should last quite a lot. Both teams will likely play slowly and look to scale, depending on the draft. Below you can find the best odds for this series:

BRO vs KT Betting Odds

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