LCK Spring 2022 Week 8 Predictions

Published: Mar 9, 2022

LCK is coming towards the end of its 2022 Spring Split with Week 8 action! As of right now, the top 4 teams (T1, Gen.G, DRX and DK) have already locked their playoff spot and only two spots are left. From 5th to 10th, all the teams are still in contention. Who will snatch them? Let’s find out the most interesting matches for playoffs in our LCK Week 8 Preview!

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LCK Week 8 Predictions

LSB vs KT – Saturday 09:00 CET

Liiv Sandbox will face KT Rolster in the Saturday opener. Currently, the two teams are tied in the standings with a 4-10 record. While they are far two wins behind Fredit Brion and Kwandong Freecs, there is still a chance for these two teams to make it to playoffs, especially for whoever wins this head-to-head.

Coming into this series, there are some questions marks regarding both teams. On one side, Liiv Sandbox has just announced that Joker and PawN, two coaches of LSB, have resulted positive to Covid-19. It’s yet again another team caught by the virus and their preparation might be slightly influenced these days. Nonetheless, it should be much better than losing out on the starters, as other teams have had to.

On the other hand, KT Rolster have struggled to make some results in the last few weeks: the team has lost out the last 6 matches. Mid laner Aria was benched in the process and Vicla has been the starting player in the last two series. Despite losing the two games, his presence has been fine, considering he faced T1 and DRX.

With that being said, I’m expecting this series to go into KT’s favor. It should be a hard-fought series, but ADC Aiming can make a big difference in this hypercarry meta. If LSB has any chance to win, the team will rely on mid laner Clozer to take over. Below you can find some of the best odds for this series (offered by

DRX vs KDF – Sunday 12:00 CET

Kwangdong Freecs made a resurgence in this LCK Spring 2022. Dead last at the end of week 3, the team made had a successful comeback, winning 5 out of the last 8 series and sitting in 6th place. While it shouldn’t be a problem to finish in playoffs at this rate, KDF have a bad opponent in this LCK week 8: DRX.

DRX has been the dark horse of the split, currently standing above last year’s champions DK. Their overall performance has been solid, especially the bot lane duo of Deft and BeryL. Despite being two “old” veterans, they are showing they still have what it takes to fight with the best. With how the meta has shifted to scaling carries, Deft is the perfect marksman any team would want.

KDF also has a very much similar playstyle to DRX, with ADC and top as the two main damage dealers of the team. While that being said, DRX has a much high presence on the map and that will make the difference in such a series.

For this reason, I’m predicting DRX to win. We could say that they are a better version of KDF and they shouldn’t have problems taking this series home to solidify their 3rd place. KDF might need a miraculous series and I’m afraid they don’t have the X factor to do so. The best odds for this series are:

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