LCK Spring Season Week #4 Top Picks

Published: Feb 4, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023

With week 4 of the LCK tournament‘s Spring Split kicking off, teams are scrambling to find their spot under the sun in the ongoing season. As the LCK enters its middle stages of play, the strength difference between some teams is becoming increasingly apparent.

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Liiv Sandbox vs. DWG KIA

Despite Liiv SANDBOX showing some promise after signing Effort, the team has struggled for the first three weeks, now 1-5 on the leader boards. That said, Liiv Sandbox were able to secure a strong 2-0 win against Afreeca Freecs and even came close to taking down Dragon X. However, DWG KIA is still the favorite heading into this matchup , given the sheer strength they have displayed so far, as team sits atop the LCK boards with a 5-1 recored.

Unless Liiv Sandbox are able to pull out a rabbit out of the hat they showed in the series against DragonX, DWG while breehze past them.

Prediction: DWG KIA to win.
Tip: Large bet recommended given the safety of the outcome.
Odds: 1.08
Betting Site: Luckbox

Gen.G vs. Nongshim RedForce

Gen.G are performing strongly as expected with their strong roster. While the team are currently 4-3, they remain consistent, losing yet putting up a fight against top teams, while crushing the lower to mid-tier teams. This places Gen.G in a comfortable position to improve, especially considering the team has a handful of new members who will continue to build synergy.

Nongshim Redforce, while a new name to the LCK, had established themselves strongly by finishing second place in the KeSPA Cup 2020. However, the team has not met expectations coming into Week 4, finding themselves with a 3-4 record due to losses against the more established teams.

Prediction: Gen.G to win
Tip: Medium bet advised if odds are above 1.3
Odds: 1.25
Betting Site: Unikrn

T1 vs. Fredit BRION

Despite fans remaining hopeful that T1 would be able to regain their former glory in 2021, the team is not fairing well so far. The team undoubtedly has potential, but is very shaky and inconsistent, with both unexpected wins and losses throughout the past three weeks.

Fredit BRION however is clearly the weaker team, sitting at the bottom of the leader boards. However, they cannot be completely counted out given their one win had been against DWG KIA, the LCK’s top team.

Prediction: T1 extremely likely to win.
Tip: Medium to large bet advised if odds are above 1.23.
Odds: 1.16
Betting Site: GG.Bet

KT Rolsters vs. Afreeca Freecs

Following a mid-tier finish in most of their performances in 2020, KT Rolsters completely revamped their roster. While they are still in the middle of the pack going into Week 4, the lineup remains highly promising as members synergize and develop together. Afreeca Freecs are similarly placed near KT, but have already matched and lost to the top two teams, DWG KIA and Dragon X.

Both teams have potential and are evenly matched going into Week 4.

Predictions: Both teams have an equal chance of winning.
Tip: Low bet on the team with the highest odds.
Betting Site: Luckbox

Hanwha Life Esports vs. Liiv Sandbox

Hanwha Life Esports hold the clear advantage, having not only performed well into the KeSPA Cup 2020 but already establishing themselves as a dominant force through the first three weeks of play. Liiv Sandbox continue to struggle to gain a foothold, as they still dwell in the bottom of the leaderboards.

The only chance Liiv Sandbox has to steal victory will likely be through out-drafting Hanwha Life Esports

Prediction: Hanwha Life Esports almost certain to win.
Tip: High bet suggested given the predictability of the outcome.
Odds: 1.20
Betting Site: GG.Bet

DWG KIA vs. Dragon X

The battle of the LCK power rankings, this is a match usually seen in the later portions of Playoffs as they compete for the top spot. DWG KIA are the defending champions in the LCK, previously taking the top spot in both the Summer Regular Season and Summer Playoffs. DragonX are also no pushovers, narrowly trailing behind DWG KIA in second place during both tournaments.

While DWG KIA has the advantage, this matchup is still anyone’s game.

Prediction: Dragon X
Tip: Value bet.
Odds: 5.00
Betting Site: bet365

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