Dplus KIA returns to form for LCK Summer 2024? – Meta Insights

Published: Jun 18, 2024 - Last Updated: Jun 19, 2024

DRX is still struggling and FearX is still unfeared, but Dplus KIA looks a little sharper so far in the LCK Summer season. Returning to the competition after MSI 2024, the LCK looks to resume where it left off – more in our LCK betting insights!

LCK Summer 2024 Betting – Early Insights

Dplus KIA Rising?

Credit: LCK Flickr

Anyone who’s been around the LCK for a few years recalls the former dominance of Dplus KIA, when the organization was known as DWG KIA.

However, since 2022, or since renaming to Dplus KIA, the organization has regressed in their performances. They rebuilt their core roster ahead of the 2024 season with three new signings, and hopes were high for this team.

After a 5th place finish at LCK Spring 2024, they’ve started LCK Summer 2024 with two valiant wins against both KT Rolster and Hanwha Life Esports.

While that might not sound impressive, both teams placed higher than Dplus KIA in the previous split. In a region where cross-team rivalries and expectations are set way before the match start, could this be the split where Dplus KIA can climb back into the top 3 and push better esports odds?

T1 Bleed early, Gen.G still flawless

T1 Zeus
Image Credits: Riot Games

For a couple of years now, T1 has commanded the LCK both as a dominant team and as a fan-favourite for esports betting.

Back in Spring 2024, they only lost three matches – 1 week into LCK Summer 2024, and they’ve already conceded a game. Naturally, though, their loss comes at the hands of none other than Gen.G, the LCK Spring Playoffs champions.

In what looks to be a continuous rivalry, we fully expect Gen.G and T1 to continue putting on a show in the LCK region. However, falling 0-2 to Gen.G in Week 1, T1 need to put up a better fight next time.

Carrying on their 11-game win streak from the LCK Spring Regular Season, Gen.G has made it a 20 game winstreak if you include their LCK Spring Playoffs and MSI tournament runs.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Gen.G is dominating international League of Legends after claiming the Mid-Season Invitational for Korea.

With each of their players fighting for MVP status at MSI, Gen.G are LoL betting favourites ahead of every game they feature in.

Hot Matches for Betting on LCK Summer 2024

After highlighting the best storylines so far, let’s take a moment to list the best matches to look forward to in the coming weeks of LCK Summer.

Here are our LCK Summer Hot Matches which should make for great betting opportunities:

As the season progresses, it’s likely new teams will rise and the storylines will develop accordingly. Remember that for LCK Summer 2024, international seeds for Worlds 2024 are up for grabs. While Gen.G already secured a spot, two spots remain.

We recommend only using the best esports betting sites should you consider any LCK betting.

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