The LCS 2021 Championship starts this weekend

Published: Aug 5, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Are you ready for the LCS 2021 Championship? After a fantastic season, the best of the best of the North American League of Legends teams are about to clash for the Summer title.

LCS 2021 Championship

Over the next four weeks the eight best teams in North America will duke it out for a chance to win one of the three available spots at the 2021 World Championship. While that may be the ultimate aim for the teams at the event, we will also be crowing the top North American League of Legends team. So, who will win the biggest North American League of Legends esports event of the year?

LCS Championship Teams

Here are the eight teams taking part in the LCS tournament Championship as well as their full roster for the event. There are some fantastic players in this line-up and it will be awesome to see them compete against one another.

TeamTopJungleMidAD CarrySupport
100 ThievesSsumdayCloserAbbedaggeFBIHuhi
Evil GeniusesImpactSvenskerenJiizukeDannyIgNar
Golden GuardiansLicoriceIc0nicAblazeoliveStixxayChime
Team LiquidAlphariSantorinJensenTacticalCoreJJ

What to look forward to at the playoffs

This weekend, they are kicking off the championship with the playoffs. There are some amazing match ups this weekend and some games that are sure to attract fans of League of Legends betting.

The first event of the playoffs is between Evil Geniuses and Dignitas. You can check this match out on Saturday, August 7th. Even for the top eight North American teams, this will be a very uneven match. Evil Geniuses are the third seed in the event and may just wipe the floor with Dignitas. However, Evil geniuses have had a pretty unremarkable year. We could see an upset with a lower seeded team.

The second and final game of the weekend is between Cloud9 and Team Liquid. If you are interested in this match, it will be broadcast on Sunday, August 8th. These are two of the best North American teams right now. They faced off against one another at the finals of the Spring Split. Cloud9 came out on top but with all of the changes to their roster, who knows what team will come out on top?

LCS esport event

How to watch the LCS 2021 Championships

If you want to watch League of Legends online free and check out the LCS 2021 Championships over the next four weeks make sure you check out the North American Leagues Twitch channel. They are also broadcasting the show live on YouTube on the LCS channel, and on Riot’s dedicated League of Legends Esports website.

If you are interested in any specific player, Riot Games also host Pro Views on their website. If you watch a game with Pro View, you can watch the entire match from the perspective of your favourite player.

Whoever wins this event may very well be the next world champion so make sure to keep an eye on the tournament and follow for updates.

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