LCS Spring 2022 Week 3 Predictions

Published: Feb 17, 2022

The LCS Spring Split action continues with its Week 3! This time, we will be looking at two matches that are important for the top half of the standings. On Saturday night, the LCS Lock-in winners Team Liquid will go up against Evil Geniuses, to see if they can continue their win streak.

Right after that match, we will also have the series between FlyQuest and Dignitas, who are both currently sitting 3-1 in first place with 3 other teams. Who will continue to be at the top of the standings? Below you can find an analysis of both matches along with our predictions.

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LCS Spring Week 3 – Is TL a top team?

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses 

Team Liquid has been on the rise after their first loss in the first match of their LCS 2022 Spring Split. They’ve beat Immortals, FlyQuest and most importantly, Cloud9. Their only loss was against 100Thieves, who is also currently 3-1 in the standings.

There is a lot of balance in the TL roster. Wherever you’re looking at, you have solid players across the board. Bwipo has been gapping the rest of the field individually in the top lane, at least laning wise. Santorin has been returning to a decent level of consistency and Bjergsen is reminding everyone that age is just a number. Bjergsen’s is still one of the best mid in North America and he’s still hungry to win everything.

In the bot lane, Hans Sama has been playing with the substitute support Eyla, but their performance has also been strong. Last night, it was confirmed that CoreJJ did get his green card, which means he should technically be eligible to play in the starting roster. We’ll see if Team Liquid plans on using him right away or give Eyla one more week of stage time. Either with one or the other, TL is a potential contender for this split.

On the other hand, Evil Geniuses have been hard relying on their ADC Danny for all the damage output. After the first 4 matches, Danny has dealt 39.2% of the team’s total damage. Considering that most marksmen have an average of around 27-31%, this statistic is pretty insane to look at. Not only that but also Danny has been top 3 in most individual metrics. (first in CS/min, first in damage/min, second in CS diff, 3rd in XP diff)

With that being said, as long as TL does neutralize Danny in some way, they should be able to win the game. While the ADC might be on a similar level and Inspired being better than Santorin, there is a much greater gap in mid and top lane. Below you can find the best odds for this series, offered by

Dignitas vs FlyQuest

The second series we’re taking a look at is the one between Dignitas and FlyQuest. To most people’s surprise, they’ve had a strong start to their Spring Split, winning 3 out of the 4 games played. With that being said, both teams had a relatively easier schedule, facing most teams in the bottom half of the standings.

This match will be important to understand who can potentially be a mid-pack playoff team. Now that TSM, who people expected to be at least around 5th place, is dead last, there are new opportunities to get in the top six. Head-to-head records are extremely important for tiebreakers, and they might make a big difference at the end of the regular split.

On one hand, we have Dignitas, who have been the biggest revelation of the LCS season so far. Most people, myself included, expected them to be at the bottom. Yet, they were able to get a top 4 in the Lock-in tournament and overall their performance has been decent. Neo and River are the two players to watch out for in this series: the Korean jungler is the perfect player to help you find leads in the early game while Neo guarantees good damage output late game.

On the other hand, FlyQuest heavily relies on Johnsun to be the main damage dealer of the team. For that purpose, FlyQuest has also played the Enchanter + Smite top lane, to ensure that their ADC could get all the resources needed. With that being said, I don’t think that the players know how to execute the strategy well due to the time constraint. Also, with the live patch in 12.4, the strategy will no longer be viable once the LCS also plays in that patch (likely next week).

To conclude, unless FlyQuest actually have further improved the strategy, I don’t think Dignitas should lose this one. They have the better players and their early game is very strong. That should be enough to push out a lead that FlyQuest cannot recover. Below are the odds for this series:

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