LCS Spring Season Week #6 Top Picks and Predictions

Published: Mar 12, 2021

Week Six of LCS action is underway this weekend and personnel changes have started to take place. 100 Thieves announced earlier this week that Ryoma would be switched in for Damonte after a string of dismal performances these last few weeks. Elsewhere in the league, Team Liquid looks to develop their form into playoffs with more teams gaining confidence against their lack of consistency.

With the last few weeks of Spring hanging in the balance, TSM, Dignitas, 100T, and EG look for their opportunity to catch up against the top two juggernauts in the league.

100 Thieves vs. Immortals (Day One)

Immortals are another one of those teams steadily making improvements, but sadly not at the pace of the top teams in the league. Immortals, however, are young, motivated and coordinated enough to get a win over the dumpster fire that has been 100 Thieves in recent weeks.

No matter the recipe, 100 Thieves always seem to fall slightly lower than their expectations as has been tradition for this squad. Even with their new look roster, the changing of guard and switching in Ryoma for Damonte at this point of the season further shows their lack of confidence in the five man unit. Due to those shifts in confidence and chemistry, Immortals are poised to get ahead and win this game as 100T start to find a new form of play.

Pick: Immortals
Odds: 2.66
Betting Site:

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Evil Geniuses vs. TSM (Day One)

Evil Geniuses are the biggest wildcard in NA right now due to their overperforming against better teams but dismal outings against lesser opponents. However, their head-to-head against TSM is always going to be in favor of EG because of the Svenskeren factor.

The seasoned former-TSM jungler has had the recipe for his former team since his departure, and with Impact by his side in this encounter they could flip the script against TSM to even the series heading into playoffs. EG continues to struggle with consistency, but they have enough to match TSM at their best with Jiizuke continuing to perform better each week.

Pick: Evil Geniuses
Odds: 1.99
Betting Site: Unikrn

Liquid vs. Dignitas (Day One)

What else can we say about Dignitas? The revelation of the Spring split, Dardoch and co have gone on an absolute rampage as they now boast a 10-5 record. Liquid has made a resurgence since their early-season slump, but they still suffer from team play issues in the mid to late game that can cost them in this encounter.

While Dignitas isn’t the most polished team in terms of player talent, they more than makeup for it with their cohesion across the map. More so than any other team in their bracket, Dignitas move as a unit where more established rosters like TL, EG & 100T all suffer from chemistry disconnects to the point where it costs them games.

Pick: Dignitas
Odds: 3.00
Betting Site: bet365

CLG vs. Evil Geniuses (Day Three)

We really like the development of CLG over the past few weeks. In all honesty, if Broxah and Pobelter were locked in from the start of the year, we could be looking at a very different table in the LCS. This week’s schedule however is still really tough for the former LCS champions, and this is the one encounter where they can (and should) pick up a victory against the oddsmakers.

As much as we praise Evil Geniuses for performing better than expected against big opponents, they are still an extremely volatile outfit. When looking at their head-to-head records this year, they are 0-2 to BOTH Dignitas and Immortals, while going 1-1 with C9 and currently 1-0 against TL. The matchup math doesn’t make sense, and that’s why CLG has the capability to put themselves in a good spot to win and win big this weekend. Playoffs for Spring aren’t the goal, but patching up their record to go on a hellacious run in Summer is the bigger ticket for this game.

Pick: CLG
Odds: 2.39
Betting Site:


Photo credits: David Lee via Riot Games
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