LCS Summer 2022 – 100 Thieves Take Down Team Liquid

Posted on August 29, 2022

After a very close series in the first match of the second round, 100 Thieves took down Team Liquid with a score of 3-2 to become the first Worlds representative of North America. The LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs continue with devotion as all of the teams are trying to reach the biggest tournament of the season.

100 Thieves Going to Worlds 2022

The competition started with Can “Closer” Çelik’s dominant Vi performance. The Turkish jungler helped his team in the early stages to keep them ahead. Ian “FBI” Victor Huang picked up two kills with Kalista in his hands and dominated the laning phase against Steven “Hans sama” Liv. 100 Thieves played the first map almost perfectly as Team Liquid failed to pick up a single kill. However, 100 Thieves lost two outer turrets so the first match was not a perfect game. Still, 100 Thieves started the series with pure dominance, 12-0 in 30 minutes.

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This time, the opposing jungler, Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen had a better early game. Team Liquid managed to take down Kim “Ssumday ‘ Chan-ho twice to get their top laner ahead. Despite losing the early game, 100 Thieves used their tools optimally, especially the top side of their composition. Ssumday got back into the game and did great during team fights. 100T closed out the second game in 25 minutes and got closer to completing the sweep.

It was do-or-die for the side of Team Liquid and both teams played very carefully in the early stages. TL played the team fights better and managed to pick up small advantages throughout the mid-game. Spreading these advantages into the later stages of the game was the key point for them and Liquid held onto dear life by winning the third game of the series. Hans sama stepped up for his team with one of the strongest ADCs in the meta, Sivir.

Dominant Performance

100 Thieves started the fourth match with an important first blood in the mid lane. However, Team Liquid once again gained small advantages in certain scenarios. At first, the competition seemed even but Bwipo and Bjergsen carried their teams in team fights with Sett and Swain to keep their teams in the competition. Team Liquid shocked everyone with their great comeback and changed the match’s LCS odds very quickly.

After four great matches, it all came down to the fifth game of the series to decide NA’s first Worlds representative. It was one of the toughest matchups in LCS Summer betting as both sides got tense and needed the win. Hans sama had great opportunities in the early game and used each of them perfectly to get ahead with Miss Fortune in his hands. However, Closer’s notorious Lee Sin got activated and the Turkish jungler found great angles to get his team to the driver’s seat. 100 Thieves closed out the last match in 32 minutes to become the first Worlds representative of NA.

NA will have more teams to represent the region at Worlds this year but one of them will start from the Play-ins. The answer to that will be clear in the upcoming days as the playoffs will come to a conclusion. It will be a busy period for LoL betting enthusiasts for sure!

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