FlyQuest vs Dignitas: LCS Summer 2022 Match Predictions and Analysis

Published: Jul 23, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 24, 2023

In the grand scheme of the season, this is a pretty important game in the mid-table standings. FlyQuest, for now, is looking relatively safe with five wins in nine games. They are on track to get a similar record as last year, when they managed nine wins and nine losses before getting knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

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Dignitas, probably looking to improve on last season’s 7th place finish, has dropped a few levels this season and head into this match in very poor form. They’re joint last and have lost their last two games in the league.

Predictions: FlyQuest to win

LoL Odds: 1.50

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: July 25

FlyQuest Have Been Pretty Consistent All Season

FlyQuest like to take the game to the opposition early, as evidenced by their 66.7% first blood rate but are a little slower to the towers at 44.4%. They have managed to keep this pace for the whole game, usually finishing their matches in under 33 minutes. They’ll be highly encouraged by their KD ratio of 1.14, which points to the sort of sustainability that’ll make sure that they qualify for the playoffs.

FlyQuest has managed to do this with team members that don’t really stand out. Bot laner Johnsun has averaged 3.82 kills, 2.21 deaths, 3.87 assists with a KDA of 3.49 this year. None of this really stands out, nor do the stats of his teammates, but they’ve got a decent record because everyone pulls in their weight. There are no passengers on this side, and that can take you a long way.

“I don’t really think I did anything too special, but I’m glad that I was able to adapt and go even with an LCS top laner,” top laner Philip said. “I picked something to teamfight and pick off opponents, so I’m glad I was able to not die too many times like I sometimes did in Academy. To be honest, I think a lot of expectations kind of get to me. A weird thing about me is that stuff people say actually affects me. For some reason, things like that can affect me in a way that might change my gameplay, so I’m getting over that and learning to not let it happen.

“In terms of my own expectations, I personally think that I could go even against a lot of these top laners. I don’t know about me smashing them; that might be too out of the ordinary, but to be honest, I think with how prepared we were, the win was something I was expecting.”

Dignitas Might Need To Try Something Different

Dignitas need to get their house in order. This is a must-win game for them because their season is starting to spiral out of control if it hasn’t spiralled already. They’ve only got two wins in their nine games so far. This is not good enough for a side that managed a decent showing last time with eight wins in the league. They didn’t qualify for the playoffs but came quite close and there were encouraging signs. It’s all gone out of the window this season.

FlyQuest vs Dignitas LCS Summer Split
Image Credit | LCS/Twitter

Their aggressive early game strategy doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect. Despite having a first blood rate of 55% and 66% first tower rate, they don’t seem to be getting a lot of kills. Just 8.6 per game for the season is not good enough for the side that is capable of so much more.

It might be time to tweak the strategy with their bot laner, Neo, managing an underwhelming average of just 3.14 kills per game. Defensively, both him and the team look all right, but the lack of firepower has troubled them all season. Whatever it is they’re trying, it doesn’t seem to be working out at the moment.

FlyQuest vs Dignitas Predictions

Lol Predictions: This match would’ve possibly been a lot tighter had it taken place last season but with the two teams going in the opposite direction, it’s hard to look past FlyQuest. FlyQuest beat them on both occasions when they faced Dignitas last season. With Dignitas looking far worse this time around, this should be one of the safer predictions.

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