Team Liquid vs CLG: LCS Summer 2022 Match Predictions and Analysis

Published: Jul 23, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 24, 2023

This is a top-of-the-table clash between sides ranked third and fourth in the league, which always makes for fun contests. With little between the sides, fans will be really looking forward to seeing who comes out on top.

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Currently, Team Liquid is ahead because they’ve won six games to Counter Logic Gaming’s five. There was a gap in their positions on the table in the Spring split, with Team Liquid leading the pack with 14 wins and getting to round 3 of the playoffs, whereas Counter Logic Gaming couldn’t even make it to the playoffs.

Predictions: Team Liquid to Win

LoL Odds: 1.29

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: July 24

Team Liquid Remain Favorites For This One

Team Liquid like to make a fast start as evidence in their first tower rate of 77.8% and their first blood rate of 44.4%. Counter Logic Gaming are as good as done if they don’t brace themselves properly for the early minutes. This side likes to move quickly and play aggressively throughout. They tend to finish their games in just a little over 30 minutes and not more. Along with that, they don’t give opponents any easy hits. Mid laner Bjergsen can take some of the credit for Team Liquid’s impressive defence, which equates to just 8.9 deaths per game.

He’s no less an artful dodger, averaging only 1.25 deaths per game. Along with that he has averaged 3.19 kills per game, 6.38 assists per game with an incredible KDA of 7.68. Not a surprise when you look at their approach.

Hans Sama told Inven Global:

“I think it’s natural to have a period where you underperform. We performed very well for our entire Korean bootcamp, then we came back for the LCS Summer Split and performed very well in our two weeks of practice. We played well on stage in the first week and I would say we played well in this past week of practice, too. I guess we started falling off in these last two stage games, so we’re just going to have to pick up for next week and work hard.

I wanted to be more of a carry for Summer Split. I wanted to call more stuff and be more of a pressure point. I always want to be a pressure point for my team and be in the enemy’s face. I think I can shine when my teammates know what I want. Last split, I was not that player. I was following everyone, but for this split, I’ve been working hard on making people follow me and do things my way. Last split, I over-respected my teammates too much and would tend to not stick to my own opinion.”

Counter Logic Gaming Can’t Slow Down

Counter Logic have made massive surges forward and should take pride in their improvements this season without any real roster changes. This was a side that finished in 8th place last season with only six wins on board. A win against Team Liquid will equal their wins from the last split.

These wins are part of what seems like a high-risk high-reward strategy. They’re the side that averages more deaths per game than any other side in LCS at 13.4 per game but have still managed to eke out five wins this season. They seem to love going tower hunting, killing 7 per game and drawing first blood at the rate of 66.7% per game.

Team Liquid vs CLG LCS Summer Split
Image Credit | LCS/Twitter

It seems like the strategy where things could go wrong pretty quickly but if it works out, it works out. Jungler Contranz needs to take some credit for this approach. He has averaged 3.7 deaths per game this season but his compromise seems to be helping the team.

Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming Predictions

LoL Predictions: Whatever tactics Counter Logic Gaming use in this game, it’s still hard to see Team Liquid not have an answer to it. They are one of the best sides in the league and have gone up against all sorts of opponents over the years. They are hard to beat and will mostly likely be capable of neutralizing whatever surprises Counter Logic Gaming throw at them. Counter Logic Gaming will have to play their hand quickly because Team Liquid like a fast start. It’s hard to see Counter Logic Gaming overcome this challenge.

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