TSM vs Immortals: LCS Summer 2022 Match Predictions and Analysis

Published: Jul 22, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 24, 2023

This is a contest between two of the most underwhelming sides in the LCS Summer. After nine games, TSM finds themselves in 8th place with only three wins on the board, and Immortals are somehow worse with only two wins on the board, which positions them dead last.

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Surprisingly for both, they head into this tie with a win in their last match and another win could at the very least raise their spirits for the rest of the championships because a route to the playoffs looks quite unlikely at the moment. TSM and Immortals go into this match with that approach, however. Both sides will go into this game, sensing that they could get a victory.

Predictions: TSM to Win

LoL Odds: 1.72

Betting Site: Odds provided by GG.Bet

When: July 24

Image Credits | LCSOfficial

TSM Have A Whole New Look

TSM head into this match with a completely new roster now. They made three changes this month and one in the last. Spica, who plays as the jungler, is the only member of the team who was part of the previous regime.

“It’s hard to build up synergy,” Spica told Dot Esports in an interview. “It’s hard to understand what your team is good at, what each player is good at, and how you guys want to play the game together. So far, I think it’s been a struggle.

“I’m going to be a free agent next year, so we’re going to have to see what happens. I feel like I didn’t have that great of a Spring Split, this Summer Split there’s also Worlds implications, so I just want to play as well as I can, show everyone that I’m really good, and then just see what happens from there.”

Based on their previous record, they tended to get really aggressive early game, as suggested by their first blood rating of 77.8%, but this approach seems to have left their towers vulnerable, losing 7.1 per game, which is only worse than their upcoming opponent. This aggression seems to have lasted all game because they end their matches quite quickly at an average time of 31 minutes and 05 seconds.

This approach doesn’t seem to have helped them so far and has made them the most vulnerable to kills in the LCS season. They average 13.4 deaths per game. The new members need to come together and rectify this before they can start looking at adopting new strategies.

Image Credits | LCSOfficial

Immortals Are Way Below Par

For Immortals, it’s the same old story as last season. Like TSM, they made some changes but theirs came before the Summer season started but the results haven’t changed. These two sides finished in last place in the previous season but Immortals might face further humiliation if they don’t win this match because the gap between themselves and TSM will widen.

There’s very little to be optimistic about. Most games are lost in the early stages with a first blood rating of 11.1% simply not good enough for this level. They are not just vulnerable to an onslaught but don’t have the firepower to change it, averaging a league low 6.7 kills per game. Only PowerOfEvil, the mid laner, has managed acceptable kills stats but even they are a lowly 2.26 kills per game.

If this side wants to improve, the current roster just doesn’t seem good enough to compete against most of the sides in the league.

“I started the season in Immortals Academy and then had some time in the LCS, so I’ve been pretty good,” Arrow told Inven Global. “However, my results weren’t that good. I’ve been alright, but it’s a bummer that I didn’t play that well. I actually didn’t think I would have been called up so early; I just thought if I worked hard and do well in the academy team, I would get a chance someday. I assumed I’d be called up even later in the season. Maybe at the end. If I won a lot through that chance, it would have been great, but the results weren’t good.

“I talk about what’s important in the game and about the mindset. The players all have their own styles, so I try to talk about that. I talked the most with Joey since he was my support and we are roommates. We mostly talk about the game, what to think about when we’re playing, what to keep an eye on, or about the flow of the game and plays. We watch important games we should watch together, like LCK games.”

TSM vs Immortals Prediction

LoL Predictions: The quality on display in this match will be minimal but TSM have some momentum heading into this. They have got some new members who are eager to show their skills, and head into this match with a win in their last match, a slightly better win rate and slightly more acceptable metrics than Immortals. They won’t have a better chance to gain some confidence and points in this split.

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