Headlines Of Legends: Get Your NA LCS Summer Final Tickets, Riot Sets Its Sights On Assassins Overhaul

Posted on June 29, 2016 - Last Updated on January 31, 2023

Get your tan ready for the Mediterranean beaches; the League of Legends All-Star Event is headed to Barcelona in 2016. The 2016 season will end at the Palau Sant Jordi and we’re here with all the details about this and other news making headlines in the LoL universe.

2016 League of Legends All-Star Event headed to Barcelona


Palau Sant Jordi. Located in Barcelona, Spain, the Palau Sant Jordi is an indoor sporting arena.

Seating capacity

The Palau Sant Jordi can comfortably seat nearly 24,000 people.


The event will take place from Dec. 8-11. Times of specific events will be posted at a later date.


This is more of a fun event, with players voted in by the fans. There are no real stakes, except for regional pride. Alongside regional matchups, players will participate in a one-on-one tournament, and new all-star game modes.


Just like the 2015 event, five players will represent each region (NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, LMS, and the IWCA). These players will be assigned to either Team Fire or Team Ice based on each region’s performance during the 2016 World Championship and the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational.


Ticket sales will begin in late summer. Check the official League of Legends esports site for more updates. Global voting will open after the World Championship is over, so make sure to cast your votes.

2016 NA LCS Summer Finals tickets on sale now

Summoners, it’s time to lock into the NA LCS Summer Finals by picking up your tickets today. The NA LCS Summer Finals will take place at the Air Canada Centre on Aug. 27-28. Tickets are currently going for $30-$60 CAD.

Our previous Headline of Legends post has more information on the venue, times, and other pertinent details.

There is currently no information regarding the EU LCS Finals.

Team Liquid finds success with Fabbbyyy

Well, we’ve seen this story before. It’s a new split for Team Liquid, and another new face from their Challenger squad team has found a starting place on their LCS squad.

After the success of Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett replacing Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera, Matt “Matt” Elento replacing Alex “Xpecial” Chu, and Samson “Lourlo” Jackson replacing Diego “Quas” Ruiz, Team Liquid is at it again.

Following Team Liquid temporarily sitting Gwang-jin “Piglet” Chae, the team has once again drawn talent from their pipeline. Telling Team Liquid it was his time, Liquid started Jovani “fabbbyyy” Guillen, a talented, but raw, AD Carry prospect who requested experience on stage.

Rumor has it that Piglet asked for a break from the game, and fabbbyyy was more than willing to step into the starting role to prove himself. fabbbyyy is renowned as a mechanically gifted player, with his Draven and Ashe plays all over YouTube.

He’s also been known to tilt easily, throwing away winnable games in the Challenger series. He was given the nickname “The Gatekeeper” because his play determined whether his team, or the enemy team (when he became tilted), would win.

When Piglet was in the starting lineup, Liquid has often run a “protect the ADC” composition, drafting teams to surround their world champion ADC. They’ve found mild success with that strategy, but it appears Piglet has begun to lose interest.

The South Korean sharpshooter has been one of the western region’s brightest marksmen since moving over to North America in 2015.

Piglet hasn’t been shy about the talent in North America either, showcasing his strong ego in an ESPN interview earlier this month. When asked how fabbbyyy performed against Phoenix1, Piglet stated he didn’t have an opinion because Phoenix1 was a “bad team.” Continuing the discussion, Piglet stated he doesn’t think “he would have died at all” against Phoenix1.

It’s wise for Team Liquid to start preparing for a team without Piglet. His growing disinterest in the NA LCS, his increased age, and a pipeline of talent is making that more of a possibility.

Through nine games played, fabbbyyy has posted a KDA of 21-17-63, participating in 75 percent of the team’s kills. His 9.8 CS@10 and 339 GD@10 is tops in the NA LCS, although nine games is a limited sample.

The team’s record has also improved. In games that fabbbyyy has started, the team has won 67 percent of their games. In the games that Piglet started, the team has won only 33 percent of their games (both players have played nine games each).

Sometime in the near future, Team Liquid will have to make a decision on their ADC position.

Assassins are the next big rework for LoL

Riot has just announced that the next major patch (which will come during the offseason, after Worlds are concluded) will encompass Assassins. Riot has stated they want to do more of a quality update this time, instead of focusing on quantity.

Below is a list of potential champions that are up for a rework:

Akali Ekko Evelynn
Fizz Kassadin Katarina
Kha’Zix LeBlanc Rengar
Shaco Talon Zed

We’re here to cover all the important details, but you can find out the full scope on Riot’s official boards.

Riot wants to rework Assassins so they provide more elements to their play. Currently Assassins are too one-dimensional, with their main purpose to blow up squishy champions as quickly as possible. This glass cannon-type play can be infuriating for both the player on the Assassins or the enemy team.

Currently Assassins, especially when they are fed, can deal a tremendous amount of damage within a second or two. However, this provides a relatively linear play style. The enemy team feels useless in this situation, as the amount of damage in a mere second doesn’t provide adequate counterplay.

When Assassins commit to a kill, they also have no reliable ways to escape. This is one of the main issues that Riot is looking to fix.

In addition, when Assassins are behind, they essentially become useless. This creates an unhealthy situation for both the player and the team.

Riot’s planned changes are to decrease the amount of damage Assassins can push out before their opponents can react. In exchange, they want to provide Assassins with more ways to escape team fights when they commit.

Riot believes this will make Assassins feel more like team players, instead of lone wolves that pick off enemy players straying from their team.

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