Another Week, Another Batch Of Predictions: Covering NA LCS Week 2

Published: Jan 23, 2016 - Last Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Week 1 was filled with action packed matchups and storylines.

Rookie teams NRG eSports and Immortals are the only two squads to come out of week one without a loss. Hai’s debut in the support role for Cloud 9 proves successful. TSM is going through some growing pains.

What’s in store for week 2? We’ll cover some of the headlines from week 1 followed by our LoL betting predictions.

Immortals start out strong

There was a lot of hype surrounding the Immortals after their roster was announced, and in week 1 they delivered. The Huni and Reignover Fnatic import proved to be highly successful. In game 1, Reignover faced arguably the top jungler in North America, Rush. Consistently Reignover out rotated and out played Rush, going 2-0-10.

Reignover finishes week 1 with a 20.0 KDA, not dying a single time in either game. Huni also finished week 1 with the second highest KDA among top laners. His pick of Cho’gath in game one against Cloud 9 proved to be huge, repeatedly silencing Sneaky’s Miss Fortune in the backline.

Even more impressive was the play of Immortal’s bottom lane. There was a lot of talk about WildTurtle during the offseason for all the wrong reasons following his replacement by Doublelift. In week 1, he proved the doubters wrong by going 12-1-9.

Even more surprising was the play of his support. Adrian is tied for highest KDA (22.0) heading into week 2 after supplying his team with 22 assists.

Now before the hype train gets going, Immortals played a Cloud 9 team without Hai in the lineup (more on that below). Their second game was a complete blowout of Team Impulse, arguable the worst team in the LCS currently. The competition gets stiffer this week, as they’ll have to play both TSM and the other unbeaten newcomer, NRG eSports.

NRG eSports has a roster filled with playmakers from all around the world. Mid laner GBM had two amazing baron steals in game one against Dignitas that really kept his team in control. The other former LCK player on this team, Impact, leads all top laners in KDA (7.0) after week one, is first in KPA at 87.5 percent, and second in CS per minute at 8.3.

Leading the NA LCS after week 1 in CS per minute is NRG’s ADC, Altec. His Lucian was solid in game 1 and his Kalista completely dominated game 2. Tied with Adrian as the top KDA from week one is NRG’s support, KonKwon. He looked really good in both his games and his synergy with Altec was on point.

Why Cloud 9 needs Hai

The legend returns. After sitting out day one’s loss to the Immortals, Cloud 9 made the call for Hai’s debut in the support roll. He played an outstanding Alistar against Echo Fox, making some crucial plays and flash knockups.

Hai showed that his micro and macro shot calling is still crucial to how C9 plays as a team. Their synergy and map control was much improved from their loss to the Immortals. It’s not that BunnyFuFu is to blame for their game 1 loss, it’s just that Hai brings an element to the game that not many players can. Early indications are that C9 will play BunnyFuFu against TIP.

We’ll see if they don’t bring Hai back in for their game against CLG though.

Our eSports betting predictions – Day 1

Cloud 9 (1.24) vs. Team Impulse (4.17)

I don’t see this game even being competitive. Team Impulse looked completely dysfunctional against the Immortals, and while C9 isn’t on that level, they still will punish TIP for the same type of mistakes they were making in both of their losses. C9 all the way here.

Team SoloMid (2.12) vs. Immortals (1.74)

This is the game I’m most looking forward to in week 2. I have TSM and Immortals as my top 2 teams currently, but it was a messy week for TSM. They had no answer for the Darshan split push in a game 1 loss to CLG and then had to come back and win against Team Liquid after being down for most of the game. Meanwhile the Immortals looked, well, immortal (had to get that pun in there :D).

TSM is clearly going through some growing pains in the early game. Immortals is just the better team at this current moment.

Counter Logic Gaming (1.47) vs. Team Liquid (2.74)

Team Liquid may be 0-2 heading into week 2, but they actually played pretty well. Their Renegades game went over 60 minutes and they showed they can play from behind. They were up for a large portion of their loss to TSM but lost a crucial team fight near the end of the game that sealed their fate.

Meanwhile, the question is what CLG team will show up? Is it the one that beat TSM, or the one that basically got dominated by Dignitas. Team Liquid has just as much talent as Dignitas, and if CLG plays like that they’ll get beat here as well. I’m going with Team Liquid here in the upset of the week.

Team Dignitas (2.23) vs. Renegades (1.67)

For starters, I think this game is closer than the esports betting odds makers have it at. Dignitas played an exceptional game against CLG and really could have won against NRG if not for a few baron steals by GBM.

Meanwhile Renegades really impressed. Freeze showed to be a solid pickup for them during the offseason, and Crumbzz is actually number one in CS per minute for all junglers. Alex Ich has lived up to the hype so far, and this team will continue to build as the season progresses.

I actually like Team Dignitas here in another upset pick.

NRG (1.50) vs. Echo Fox (2.62)

In our first of two matchups between the three newly acquired teams, we’ll get a better understanding as to how far along both of these squads are. Echo Fox took care of business against TIP before being run down by a Hai infused C9 squad. Meanwhile NRG looks like a team that can compete for a top three spot.

I’m really looking forward to watching Froggen vs. GBM in the mid lane as well. I like NRG here.

Day 2 NA LCS predictions

Team SoloMid (1.35) vs. Team Dignitas (3.25)

Shiphtur had an amazing week one and this will be a great showcase for how far along he really has come. Bjergsen is waiting to punish any mechanical flaws in the laning phase he may still have.

Can TSM build off their Team Liquid comeback? Dignitas looked good in week one, and I think they have a shot here. TSM individually is much better though, and I think individual outplays lets them win this match.

NRG (2.35) vs. Immortals (1.60)

Our second matchup of two newcomers, both undefeated in week one. NRG is no pushover, and they have the components to take down the Immortals. I’m really looking forward to watching Impact vs. Huni in the top lane and how these two dominant bottom lanes perform against each other.

CLG (1.65) vs. Cloud 9 (2.27)

Another matchup that should be very revealing to how good both these teams are. BunnyFuFu may be starting, but I don’t see how you can go against Hai with Aphromoo on the other side. That could be a huge disadvantage for C9. There’s an advantage for C9 in the jungle though, but will it be enough?

I like CLG here.

Team Liquid (1.48) vs. Echo Fox (2.70)

Both of these teams are fighting for that 5th and 6th spot, and whoever gets the win here will have a slight advantage. It’s the Froggen and Keith show vs. Piglet and Pobelter. I like Team Liquid here.

Renegades (1.34) vs. Team Impulse (3.29)

Team Impulse is really going to struggle to find a win this season. Renegades would really need to drop the ball, but you never know.

Upsets happen. I just don’t think it’s this week. Take Renegades here.

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