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Published: Feb 3, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 25, 2023


Word on the block is that there is a new girl on the mid lane that surfs on air while bursting through enemy waves with the power of the sound. If you have encountered such a thing on your mid lane, there is a big chance that you got stomped by the new League of Legends champion called Seraphine.

If you want to know how to play Seraphine, as well as how to play against her, then this is the article for you. Today we will go through a detailed Seraphine guide and discuss all the abilities that give her an advantage.

Seraphine – the ultimate team player

Seraphine is a versatile League of Legends champion that can be played as either mid lane or support, and is one of the strongest team players currently in the game. If you play and love Sona, you will like Seraphine because she is very similar to her.

She is an enchanter but has no problem being alone on the mid lane and carrying the team. This champion is a master of utility, possessing everything she needs to be an incredible team player. Her kit includes a heal, crowd control, and even a movement speed aura.

She can be very dangerous in the early game, but the place where she shines is in late game team fights. Many players choose Seraphine just because of what she brings to the table in sustained team fights.


Like all champions, Seraphine has unique abilities that can be deadly if in the right hands.

Seraphine Spells

Passive: Stage Presence

The passive ability consists of two parts; the echo and the harmony. When Seraphine casts her ability two times, the third time it creates an echo, thus double-casting the third spell. The great thing is that she also gains those stacks every time she spawns.

As for the harmony, when she casts an ability, she and her teammates get a boost in the form of a note that lasts up to 6 seconds. Every champion can get four notes maximum. The next basic attack grants Seraphine 25 attack range for every active note, 5-20 damage dealing (depending on your champion level), and 7.5% of her ability power.

This passive is exceptionally powerful in team fights since every ally has the possibility of gaining up to 4 notes. The range that Seraphine gets will make your enemies feel like they’re fighting against Xerath.

Q – High Note

This ability is your prime damage dealer. Seraphine throws a high note to the ground, dealing damage to all nearby units in a specific area. The less HP your enemies have the more damage this ability deals.

This is Seraphine’s most vital asset, and you will use it to clear up lanes. It is a great burst of power, especially when it gets double-casted. The spell has a relatively low cooldown, so Luden’s Echo is the peanut butter to its jam.

W – Surround Sound

Because of this ability, Seraphine can also be convenient as a support champion. When cast, Surround Sound gives Seraphine and her nearby allies an increase in movement speed and a shield. Seraphine gains 20% speed and 4% for every 100HP that she has. As for the allies, they gain 8% movement speed and 1.6% for every 100HP that they have.

This can be incredibly useful both when you’re team is attacking and retreating. If by any means Seraphine has already got a shield when she casts this spell, then the effect heals her and her allies.

E – Beat Drop

This is her crowd control ability, and it can be of great help if she finds herself alone in mid-lane. When casting, your enemies that are in a line will be slowed. But wait, there’s more.

If you double-cast this spell, the second cast will root the enemy, opening up both aggressive and defensive opportunities.

This can be mixed with the notes mentioned before. You can gather up notes with your teammates, and with the root, steamroll them into the ground.

R – Encore

Finally, the ultimate ability of this champion is the most powerful of them all. When cast, Seraphine throws a sphere on enemies and charms them.

The overpowered thing about this ultimate ability is that every time this ability hits your ally or the enemy, the travel distance of the sphere resets. This means if your enemies are in a row, you can charm them all with one cast.

This is also useful when you and your allies are trying to catch your opponent, and you can cast it on your allies, increasing its range. When you hit an ally with this ultimate, they immediately get four notes around them.

Seraphine Build

Seraphine is the best in team fights, and by knowing that we are going to recommend you these items, as they suit her the best.

Luden’s Echo – Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Rabadon’s Deathcap – Zhonya’s Hourglass – Lich Bane – Void Staff – Athene’s Unholy Grail – Rod of Ages

As we said above, the best item will definitely be Luden’s Echo because your Q has a relatively low cooldown, making it a tremendous spamming ability. It is a great mix with Lich Bane, as then Seraphine will no longer be just healing and shielding, but doing massive amounts of damage as well.

Lich Bane is also a great pick because of your basic attacks. You will use them because of the notes, thus increasing damage with Lich Bane.


Because of her stats and abilities, there are not too many runes which you can choose. The best ones are Summon Aery and Arcane Comet. Each one has its benefits.

Arcane Comet – Manaflow Band – Transcendence – Gathering Storm

The Spellbook – Unsealed Spellbook – Biscuit Delivery – Magical Footwear – Cosmic Insight

Seraphine Runes

Summon Aery is slightly better when we talk about shielding allies. You can shield them more, thus providing more defensive play.

The most important rune is Manaflow Band, as it provides extra mana for Seraphine. This is great because she uses too much mana.

How to play Seraphine?

Now that you know all the technical stuff when it comes to Seraphine, it is time for the fun part – how do you play this champion? We will divide it into two parts, one when you play an early solo game and the other one for team fights.

Solo Laning

When you’re in the early game, you don’t have many choices. Make sure you slowly find opportunities to poke your opponent and drain his health gradually.

Save your mana as much as you can and use it only when you see an opportunity to take a lot of health off your opponent. The less health the opponent has, the more effective your Q will be.

When you collect two echo stacks, try to go more aggressive on the opponent and throw those double-casts aggressively. This will help keep the opponent at a distance, seeing as distance plays to your benefit.

If you decide to play this champion, you have to be ready to do last-hit on minions under your turret, especially against opponents who farm fast. In this case, it is acceptable to use mana for farming, filling the stacks for the double-cast.

Another essential tip you should know is using your W. It has a slightly longer cooldown, and make sure you use it when you are assisting your jungler, making a kill, or running to safety. If you use it too early, you might not get to the safe point when it gets too hot.

Team fights

As we said earlier, this is when Seraphine feels most at home. This entire champion is rounded for team fights, so you can’t make a mistake easily.

When you are in a team fight, make sure you are in the backline supporting your team with utility. But Seraphine is much more than that; because of the stacks it collects and the range it gets, she can easily poke enemy carries into oblivion.

Apart from backing up your teammates, you should continuously spam Q when in team fights. This is one of Seraphine’s primary strengths, as you will damage your opponents as you shield your teammates.

Your basic attacks and notes play a significant role too. When you get the desired range, just poke your enemies with basic attacks and notes for greater damage.

Also, remember that your ultimate resets its range when you hit an opponent or an ally. This makes it useful in team fights because you can cause damage from a great distance too.

Wrapping up

The outstanding balance between the attack and defence of Seraphine makes her the ultimate team-fighting champion. You will surely enjoy playing this champion, and our guide today will make it that much easier to master her.

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