League of Legends Spring Finals Predictions

Published: Apr 22, 2022 - Last Updated: May 9, 2022

This weekend, regions around the world will determine their champions in League of Legends. China, Brazil and North America will find new title-holders in the region after breathtaking matches.

The challenges offer excellent League of Legends betting opportunities, as every series will be played as a best-of-five. Let’s take a look at the details.

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Royal Never Give Up vs Top Esports (LPL)

LoL Betting Odds: Royal Never Give Up 1.78 at GG.Bet / Top Esports 2.01 at GG.Bet

When: April 23, 2022 at 11:30 CET

Watch Live: https://www.twitch.tv/lpl

After a busy and long season, the Chinese champion will be determined after the grand finale of the LPL Spring event. There are literally no favorites in the series where the second placed and fifth placed teams of the regular season will meet.

Royal Never Give Up (RNG), who showed an outstanding performance during the group stage, qualified to start the playoffs from the farther rounds. Making good use of this privilege, the team took its place in the final by first challenging JD Gaming and then defeating their rival Top Esports. RNG, which managed to defeat its opponent recently, are one step ahead in this series.

On the other hand, Top Esports have managed to come this far thanks to their rising performance. Despite a bad start to the league, the team has increased its momentum in the last few weeks and took its place in the playoffs with consecutive wins. Afterwards, the team won three different series with convincing games and faced RNG in the semi-finals. Losing the match, Top Esports did not give up and beat the Victory Five in the lower-bracket final to reach the grand finals.

We have no doubt that the fight between Top Esports and Royal Never Give Up will witness great moments. That being said, RNG have a slightly better advantage than their opponent.

paiN Gaming vs RED Canids (CBLOL)

LoL Betting Odds: paiN Gaming 1.72 at GG.Bet / RED Canids 2.07 at GG.Bet

When: April 23, 2022 at 18:15 CET

Watch Live: https://www.twitch.tv/cblol

This weekend, Brazil will find its new champion. The two leading teams in the region, paiN Gaming and RED Canids, will seek to reap the rewards for their sacrifices throughout the season.

Starting the league with unexpected losses, paiN Gaming finished the group stage in fourth place as their team chemistry settled towards the end of the season. The team managed to maintain the momentum it gained in the last period and beat FURIA Esports 3-2 in the playoffs, then the regular season winner KaBuM! 3-0, becoming the first team in the final.

Unlike their rivals, RED Canids did not come here with any streaks. Finding themselves in the playoffs at the end of their bumpy performance, the team lost their first match in the playoffs and fell to the lower-bracket. However, the team managed to recover from here and won all the life-or-death matches and reached the final of the esports event.

Both teams are at the top of their form in the Brazilian final. But paiN Gaming have found its rhythm and look better than their rival. PaiN Gaming are closer to winning this final, both in terms of gameplay and self-confidence.

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses (LCS)

LCS Spring Finals Predictions
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LoL Betting Odds: Team Liquid 1.53 at GG.Bet / Evil Geniuses 2.46 at GG.Bet

When: April 23, 2022 at 21:00 CET

Watch Live: https://www.twitch.tv/lcs

Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses are taking the stage to be the second team in the LCS final. Both of the teams that will meet for the second time in the playoffs and both of them cannot afford to lose more games.

After finishing the regular LCS Spring season in first place with 14 wins, Team Liquid kicked off the knockout stage with a win over Evil Geniuses. However, they were unable to maintain their 2-0 advantage against 100 Thieves in the upper-bracket semi-finals and suffered a demoralizing loss. This result caused them to drop to the lower-bracket final.

On the other hand, Evil Geniuses managed to throw themselves into the playoffs with a mixed record by winning half of the matches in the league stage and losing half of them. Despite being quickly relegated to the lower-bracket in the playoffs, the team managed to survive, defeating Fly Quest and Cloud 9, and facing Liquid again.

Although Team Liquid look stronger, Evil Geniuses are quite apt to get a surprise result in this match. EG, who made his opponent sweat in their last match, can make a surprise this time.

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