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League of Legends Offers The Best Wagers This Week In Esports Betting

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High-quality esports betting this weekend lies in the League of Legends Summer Split series taking place across China, Korea, North America, and Europe.

2017 LCK Summer Split

This week’s games in the LCK Summer Split are already underway. Let’s take a look at how the standings look in Korea.

PosTeam NameRecordAgg
1Samsung Galaxy6-113-4
2SK Telecom T16-112-4
3KT Rolster5-110-5
4Longzhu Gaming5-212-5
5Afreeca Freecs4-311-9
6Jin Air Green Wings4-39-7
7ROX Tigers1-55-10
8Bbq OLIVERS1-64-13
9Ever8 Winners1-64-12
10Team MVP1-62-13

There is a clear divide in the Korean qualifying section. SK Telecom T1 remain the favourites in this group, but they face a real challenge from KT Rolster and Samsung Galaxy, who have a solid shot at being champions this year.

The remaining fixtures from Bet365 are as follows:

  • Ever8 Winners vs. KT Rolster
  • ROX Tigers (5/1) vs. SK Telecom T1 (1/9)
  • ROX Tigers (8/15) vs. Team MVP (11/8)
  • BBQ Olivers (10/1) vs. KT Rolster (1/50)
  • Samsung Galaxy (3/10) vs. Jin Air Green Wings (12/5)
  • Longzhu Gaming (8/11) vs. Afreeca Freecs (Even)

The most evenly contested matchup is the last one of the week, which sees fourth place take on fifth. Afreeca Freecs must win to stand any chance of breaking into the top four and the monopoly of the top three teams.

2017 NA LCS Summer Split

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the North American Summer Split. Three teams are making a charge at the top of the group. There’s a host of key games this week. Here’s how things stand:

PosTeam NameRecordAgg
2Counter Logic Gaming5-111-6
3Team Dignitas5-111-5
4Team SoloMid4-29-5
5Echo Fox3-38-6
7Team EnVyUs3-37-8
8FlyQuest eSports1-54-10
9Team Liquid1-53-11

Similar to the Korean qualifier, three teams have taken charge of the group, having lost just one game each. There are also three teams adrift at the bottom of the rankings, and Phoenix1 has yet to pick up any victory.

This weekend will see each team in action twice. The fixtures, together with the odds (if available), are outlined below:

  • Immortals (5/6) vs. Counter Logic Gaming (5/6)
  • Flyquest vs. Team SoloMid
  • Echo Fox (2/5) vs. Phoenix1 (7/4)
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team EnVyUs (5/4)
  • Cloud9 (2/7) vs. Team Liquid (5/2)
  • Immortals (8/11) vs. Team Dignitas (Even)
  • Team Liquid (5/6) vs. Phoenix1 (5/6)
  • Team SoloMid (8/15) vs. Echo Fox (11/8)
  • Cloud9 (5/6) vs. Team Dignitas (5/6)
  • Flyquest (13/8) vs. Team EnVyUs (4/9)

There are a number of massive games to look out for this weekend, including a battle between two of the top three sides. Immortals take on Counter Logic Gaming and then the other team in that group, Team Dignitas, in what promise to be two defining games at the top of the table.

2017 EU LCS Summer Split

In Europe, the 10 teams are split into two groups, have completed the first set of group games, and will now face each of the teams in the other group once during the next few weeks. Here’s how the two group tables currently stand:

Group A

PosTeam NameRecordAgg
3G2 Esports2-26-5
5Ninjas in Pyjamas0-40-8

Group B

PosTeam NameRecordAgg
1H2K Gaming3-17-2
2Unicorns of Love3-17-3
5Mysterious Monkeys0-40-8

This week, there are just six matches. Here are the matchups and odds.

  • Misfits (3/10) vs. Team Vitality (12/5)
  • Fnatic (4/6) vs. H2K Gaming (11/10)
  • ROCCAT (11/8) vs. Splyce (8/15)
  • Unicorns of Love (11/10) vs. G2 Esports (4/6)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (8/1) vs. H2K Gaming (1/25)
  • Fnatic (1/16) vs. Mysterious Monkeys (7/1)

It will certainly be a week of contrast. The top two sides face each other in the second game, and then both teams also face the bottom team in each group.

2017 LPL Summer Split

The Chinese qualifier also has two groups. It has proven to be an intriguing few weeks with just one of the 12 teams remaining undefeated. The two tables for this section are outlined below.

Group A

PosTeam NameRecordAgg
1DAN Gaming3-16-2
2EDward Gaming3-16-2
3Team WE2-15-3
4Invictus Gaming1-23-5
5Snake Esports1-22-5

Group B

PosTeam NameRecordAgg
3Royal Never Give Up2-14-4
4LGD Gaming1-23-4
5Suning Gaming1-24-5
6JD Gaming0-43-8

At the moment, OMG are the star team, having won all four of their games. On the other hand, IMay and JD Gaming are both waiting for their first win. DAN Gaming and EDward Gaming are both in contention in Group A, and Team WE, one of the World Championship favourites, is also tucked in a nice position.

There are a number of fixtures across both groups outlined below.

  • Team WE vs. IMay
  • Invictus Gaming (1/2) vs. Snake Esports (6/4)
  • LGD Gaming (8/11) vs. Newbee (Even)
  • Royal Never Give Up (3/10) vs. Suning Gaming (12/5)
  • Invictus Gaming (2/5) vs. DAN Gaming (7/4)
  • IMay (4/6) vs. Snake Esports (11/10)
  • Team WE (5/6) vs. EDward Gaming (5/6)
  • OMG (3/10) vs. Newbee (12/5)
  • LGD Gaming (8/15) vs. SN Gaming (11/8)
  • Royal Never Give Up (3/10) vs. JD Gaming (12/5)
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