LEC Spring 2023 Overview: Teams, Odds & Predictions

Posted on March 7, 2023

After an early start through the Winter Split, the LEC continues in the coming weekend. The top 10 LoL teams in Europe will be going at it once again to try and prove themselves in one of the top regions – read on to learn everything you need to know for LEC Spring Split 2023 betting.

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LEC Spring Split 2023 – The Second Stage

This year, unlike any other, the LEC kicked off with a LEC Winter Split which concluded two weeks ago. G2 Esports ended up champions and earned a spot at both the LEC Finals and MSI.

Kicking off on 11th March, returning to the LEC Studio in Berlin, the LEC Spring 2023 will be the second regional stage of the competition.

Beyond the €80,000 on the line, once again first place will earn seeds to MSI and LEC Finals. All the action concludes on 17th April.

In terms of format, the regular season involves a single round-robin with BO1 matches, with each team playing each other once. From here, only the top 8 move on to the Group Stage. From the Group Stage, 4 move on to the Playoffs and compete for regional dominance.

So, before diving into our top team rankings, here are how the LoL odds for LEC Spring 2023 stand with regard to outright winning the entire event.

G2 Esports1.8
Team Vitality 2.5
MAD Lions10
Finetwork KOI11
SK Gaming25
Team BDS30
Fnatic TQ50
ExceL Esports50
Team Heretics50

All of the odds were accessed at the time of writing, using one of the top League of Legends betting sites in the industry – GG.Bet.

LEC Spring Split Betting Preview – The Top Three Teams

G2 Esports – The Clear Favourite

It’s no secret, G2 Esports are the clear favourites to win this entire event.

Thanks to the organization’s efforts to build a super-team in the off-season, they’ve looked deadly. Although in the LEC Winter Regular Season, they suffered three losses, they then crushed the competition in the final stages.

Considering this, they have some massive momentum to carry over from their recent LEC Winter Split win. Definitely a prime candidate for League of Legends betting.

In addition, it’s worth noting that G2 Esports also won the LEC Spring 2022 last year – can they repeat this in 2023?

Team Vitality – A Fierce Contender

While all eyes are on G2 Esports, Team Vitality is a contender for this region. In the last split, they placed first in the regular season, however, they were surprisingly eliminated in the Group Stage.

Team Vitality LEC
Image Credits: Riot Games

With ample time to learn from their mistakes, Vitality are one of the few teams who managed to defeat G2 Esports this past month.

We’re curious to see if they can pull something together and maintain their winning streak against G2 Esports.

MAD Lions – Undergods Already?

Despite what picture the odds may paint, MAD Lions have just come off the back of a second-place finish at the LEC Winter 2023 event.

Finishing second in the regular season and in the Playoffs, losing only to G2 Esports, they are a difficult team to bet on. Accordingly, they have the potential to beat and lose to any of the likes of G2 Esports and Team Vitality.

Tips for Live Betting on the LEC Spring Split

Armed with all this knowledge, let’s conclude by listing some top tips for live esports betting. Here are some points to bear in mind:

  • Series length – if you’re betting live, it’s important to know the match format. For example, the Regular Season BO1 matches are perfect for live betting as teams do not have the opportunity to mount a comeback in additional rounds.
  • General knowledge – naturally, knowing which teams are more experienced and more likely to close out a match is important for placing successful live esports bets.
  • Instinct and speed – betting live involves an element of instinct and speed. If you have a gut feeling, you need to decide on it quickly considering how quickly the live esports betting market changes. With this speed, be careful not to make errors. Good luck with your League of Legends live betting!
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