LEC Summer Split 2022 Will Begin on the 17th of June

Published: May 6, 2022

It has been officially confirmed that the long-awaited LEC Summer Split will commence on the 17th of June. This tournament, which features ten of Europe’s greatest League of Legends teams, will award three squads a seat at the prestigious World Championship 2022 event. Before then, players will be treated to a two-part tournament that boasts a €200,000 prize pool, with the winner walking away with an €80,000 share.

Last year, it was MAD Lions that stormed to victory in the LEC Summer Split. However, following its successful entry into the 2021 World Championship, Mad Lions failed to break into the top five teams. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a retribution story anytime soon from the squad, especially following a 7th place finish at LEC Spring 2022.

If you’re interested in LEC betting, read on – we’ll break down the tournament ahead.

Make Like the Summer, and Split

MAD Lions won last year’s LEC Summer Split (Image Credit: Dot Esports)

Following the closure of the Mid-Season Invitational on the 29th of May, fans will be hungry for their next League of Legends fix. They won’t have to wait long, as, from the 17th of June, the following ten teams will face off at the LEC Summer Split:

There are a few teams to keep your eye on as the tournament unfolds, especially if you’re into esports betting. For instance, G2 Esports, coming in hot off a huge win at the LEC Spring 2022 event, where the team decimated Rogue in the final with a 3 – 0 victory. For many of these teams, the League of Legends World Championship event is a dream stage – the majority of these squads have never seen the inside of that tournament. There’s more to play for than just the €200,000 prize pool at this stage.

When the LEC Summer Split kicks off, players will enter a Group Stage, fighting through a double round-robin structure. It’s an intense schedule, with each team playing a total of eighteen matches, all of which are best-of-one showdowns. The teams that are successful will push through to the Playoffs, which is a double-elimination round featuring best-of-five fixtures. When the dust has settled, the three teams at the top of the table will have qualified for LoL Worlds 2022.

Preparing for the Action

In the run-up to the LEC Summer Split, many teams have been switching around their rosters. For example, Astralis has made several changes, bringing in Xerxe as a starting jungler, Vizicsacsi as a top laner, and slipping JeongHoon into the bottom lane.

This is one of the most prolific tournaments in the League of Legends space. In recent weeks, key LEC deals have been signed, with top sponsors stepping up to back the event. It was revealed ahead of the competition that the likes of Secret Lab, Red Bull, and Warner Music would be sponsoring the LEC Summer Split.

There’s plenty on the line for these ten teams, but which of them will reign supreme? Find out from the 17th of June.

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