LEC x Against the Current Collaboration ahead of the 2022 Spring Split

Published: Jan 11, 2022

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This is not the first time LEC releases a music video prior to the start of the competitive season. Last year, the LEC produced ‘Reckless With My Heart’ and the general feedback was already very positive, to the point of receiving a nomination at the Esports Awards for Creative Piece of the Year.

The LEC production team has also worked to release multiple rap battles in the past, mainly thanks to the rapping of Vedius and Drakos. All the battles had catchy storylines that were actually related to the competitive teams, not to mention the “bars” the two rappers had. The most recent one, titled Mediocre Rap Battle of the LEC, featured the two playoff teams G2 Esports and MAD Lions. The year before, the rap battle also featured fellow casters Indiana “Froskurinn” Black and Eefje ‘sjokz’ Depoortere, reaching a total viewership of 1.7 million views. Over the last few years, the LEC team also released other songs, usually “for fun” to engage with fans: this time, however, the song was a serious production.

Against the Current and its long-lasting relationship with Riot Games

This also wasn’t the first time Against the Current teamed up with Riot Games. The band performed the anthem, ‘Legends Never Die’, for the Worlds 2017 Championship. The following year, Chrissy Costanza was also featured in the Worlds 2018 Song ‘Phoenix’, collaborating with the other American singer Cailin Russo.

According to the release, the track is tied to Riot Games’ exclusive cooperation with Warner Music Group. The partnership, led by Warner Music Central Europe, marks the first time that a music artist has collaborated with esports talent from Riot Games for a song.

Remember to tune in for the start of the 2022 LEC Spring Split, which begins on Friday, Jan. 14 at 18 CET. To watch the matches, head over to the LoL Esports website or the LEC’s Twitch and YouTube channels.



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