LoL 2021 All-Star Cancelled

Published: Dec 1, 2021

Due to travel restrictions revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic, Riot Games decided to fully cancel this year’s LoL All-Star event.

Image Credits | Riot Games

LoL All-Star 2021 is canceled due to travel constraints

“After a late location pivot to Iceland, we were able to deliver our most successful Worlds to date, setting new viewership records for esports that surpassed Worlds 2020’s numbers.” Riot Games made a statement earlier today. Despite the last-minute decision and the consequent rushed preparation of Worlds in one month, Riot made the impossible a reality.

“While we are pleased with the success of MSI and Worlds, after careful deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to forgo this year’s All-Star Event given COVID-19 travel constraints,” the company continued. “This decision was not made lightly, as we know many fans and players around the world look forward to closing out the LoL Esports season at ASE.”

Riot Games specifically mentioned quarantine measures as the major issue on the LoL All-Star, as all participants would have to undergo quarantine for a longer period than the duration of the tournament.

“To ensure the health and safety of everyone participating in our events this year, there were a variety of travel requirements placed on pros and staff, as well as strict protocols for anyone coming to one of our venues or broadcast studios, in addition to restrictions mandated by origin and destination locales. These safety and travel protocols make accommodating for a 3-day All-Star Event especially challenging.”

Last year’s All-Star Event was held online

A solution that was brought during last year’s All-Star was to hold the tournament online, fully remote. However, Riot Games thought that they “do not feel that this format truly captures the spirit of ASE, which is to bring pros, influencers, and fans together to celebrate the LoL Esports season with cross-regional competition.” Thus, the decision by the company came to fully skip the 2021 All-Star Event altogether.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Instead of attempting to play online for the second straight year, League’s All-Star event will skip the 2021 season altogether. As a result, fans will have to wait for 2022 to see more League of Legends action. The initial dates for the LCS and the LEC are respectively Jan. 15th and Jan. 14th, as the first one will start the Lock-in tournament, while the European League will directly begin the 2022 Spring Split.

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