LoL Esports 2023 Season Expectations and Schedule

Published: Jan 8, 2023 - Last Updated: Jun 24, 2024

The LoL Esports 2023 Season is at the door and this year the devotion will continue from where it was left off, with some changes to formats and schedules. This year, major updates were made especially to minor regions but major regions have also received changes. Let’s dive deep into the LoL Esports 2023 Season!

LCS 2023


The LCS has had one of the biggest changes regarding schedule. Normally, fans lived the spirit of the league during weekends, primetime days were the ones that Riot aimed for to keep the interest at the highest level. However, with the introduction of the new VALORANT league, Riot decided to move LCS to weekdays and fairly early hours. The league hasn’t got any major format changes but it might face a serious descending in popularity and viewership.

LEC 2023

LEC received a major format change ahead of the 2023 season. The league has been divided into three splits, like in the old days. Splits are now shorter than before and the format will host the best eight teams of the first split in a group format to decide which teams will head into the playoffs. On the other hand, it is now referred to EMEA Championship as Riot decided to merge the EMEA regions together. Even though it mainly concerns the ERL teams, LEC has also been affected by the change.

LCK 2023

The Korean tournament might be the steadiest competition of the year as it has only a handful of updates. LCK’s Spring Split starts a little earlier than the western tournaments and the only difference is that a loser’s bracket has been added to the playoff stage. Some of the best LoL teams are competing in the league, as well as the last World Champion, DRX.

LCK Live Stage

LPL 2023

LPL is the first major tournament to kick off in 2023. The Chinese league will start on January 14 and is expected to end on March 26. 17 teams will compete against each other to become the best of the region with very few changes regarding format. LPL is among the most popular league regarding LoL betting because it hosts the highest amount of matches.

What about ranked?

LoL tournaments are important for the ecosystem for sure but what about the biggest piece of the pie? Millions of ranked players have been waiting to see Riot’s decisions for the 2023 season and it was announced in a blog post. Players tried to reach the highest rank possible in 2022 and also the grind continued in the preseason of 2023. The ladders will get a reset on January 10 and the season will begin on Patch 13.1.

Different than the previous seasons, there will be two splits in 2023 in which players can have two different ranks throughout the year. The second split will start in the middle of the year but the exact date is still not known.

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