LoL Esports Manager: Riot’s New League of Legends Managerial Simulation

Published: Oct 21, 2019

Riot games are perhaps best known for their League of Legends esports game, of which the World Championships are currently being played across Germany, Spain and France in Europe, they have surprised many with their most recent announcement; the development of a League of Legends based manager simulation game canned LoL Esports Manager.

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What is LoL Esports Manager?

According to the article released on Riot’s website to announce the new game, LoL Esports Manager will put an individual player “in the role of a team manager leading a top-tier professional League of Legends team.”

In the simulation, the manager of the LoL team will be able to engage in the full experience of what a real manager of a professional LoL team at the top level would deal with. This includes, selecting the strategic direction of your team, picking which characters to ban pre-match, picking your own team and building the strongest team possible from the players available to hire.

Riot also reveals that the new game “will create unique moments, only possible through the collection of popular pro players to create never-before-seen rosters.Using gameplay that combines esports strategy with a brand new AI system, the title will create a tactical experience bespoke to LoL Esports.”

Additionally, Riot also revealed that players would be able to play the game in two ways, experiencing an esports story through the eyes of an in-game character, or in a more open-ended game where teams will compete against friends and other players in ranked play.

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Release Date and Location

Riot intends to release the first version of the game for the LPL in 2020, which seems to fit in with the companies move to try and gain a greater stranglehold in the burgeoning Chinese esports industry.

However, the company has revealed that it plans to release the game across other LoL regions in the months subsequent to the initial release, with likely releases in Korea, Europe and North America to be amongst the next regions to follow.

Revenue Sharing

With real-life players from teams set to be included in the new game, Riot have hit upon a simple way to bring the top LoL esports professional teams on board with the new game. The company will share a portion of the revenues generated from the sales of the game with the professional teams that are featured within it.

So far further details about the game, such as which teams have signed up to participate and which players will be included in the game, are not yet known. However it seems probable that the teams actively engaged in the top level of the LPL, perhaps together with second tier teams, may well be the teams set to be featured in the first release of the game.

Current Esports Team Manager Reactions

Reaction to the news that Riot were to release a LoL Esports Management sim provoked some humorous responses from current team managers, especially in the UK where amongst the tweets made about the release were:

And perhaps most amusingly Ryan Barnet, the current General Manager of EXCEL Esports  Tweeted:

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